Employee Monitoring & Insider Risk Management

Veriato is the leading provider of workforce behavior analytics, helping businesses monitor and analyze on-site, remote or hybrid workforce activity to boost productivity and keep sensitive data secure. Veriato is the partner of choice to deliver unmatched insights to help companies thrive in today’s complex work environment, especially in industries where sensitive data and IP is at stake. With powerful analytics that work across networks, in the cloud, and on-premise, companies gain complete visibility and understanding, ensuring maximum productivity and minimum risk. Thousands of companies in over 100 countries use Veriato software to protect their most valuable assets, reduce risk, and gain unparalleled visibility into operations.

Veriato’s workforce behavior analytics solutions can improve business operations across multiple areas including workforce productivity, insider risk management, workplace investigations and compliance.


Workforce Productivity

The increase in remote and hybrid work has created new challenges for managers and business leaders, including lack of visibility, limited communication and blurring of boundaries between work and personal life. Managers find it more difficult to manage productivity, burnout and lack of engagement. Veriato can help organizations maximize productivity and regain visibility, by identifying unproductive activities and proactively look for signs of negative sentiment, burnout and quiet quitting.


Insider Risk Management

In the age where the edge of the company network is an employee working from a laptop in their living room or  a mobile phone, employees are the biggest asset and the biggest risk. Veriato workforce behavior analytics use machine learning to proactively identify high-risk activity, analyze employee sentiment and monitor data access to get ahead of an issue. No comprehensive cybersecurity posture is complete without an insider risk solution.


Workplace Investigations

From fraud and theft to harassment, organizations and their HR departments deal with complex situations and investigations that are made more difficult with remote work. Veriato helps companies create a digital paper trail to ensure their investigations are thorough, transparent, fair and are resolved quickly and effectively no matter where their employees are located or what devices they use.


Compliance & Audits

Highly regulated industries like healthcare and finance are legally required to have data security measures in place and show compliance when audited. Internal auditors often have to sift through raw data provided by IT to identify data access and other employee activities. Veriato helps lighten the burden of regulatory compliance by keeping records of employee activity, sending real-time alerts of any violations and generating easy-to-use reports for auditing.