BioSec technology

Biometric identification


Biometric identification is a process where a technology measures the unique physical or physiological characteristics of a person and identifies them based on these characteristics. In our case, a sensor in a vein scanner uses infrared light to measure and record the vein structure in the hand for identification purposes.

In contrast to other technologies that use surface information (fingerprint, facial recognition), the vein sensor works with the vein structure under the skin surface of the palm, so the biometric template (pattern) cannot be attributed. Thanks to the fact that a sub-surface biometric feature is processed, no covert data collection is possible without the person's knowledge. An additional advantage is that the biometric template (sample) used cannot be copied, cannot be reproduced and can only be used for living tissue.

The uniqueness and advantages of vein sensor technology:

  • It identifies the vein map of the palm at 5 000 000 points in 0.8 - 1 second, giving the lowest error rate.
  • It can be used regardless of external weather, light and other conditions.
  • It leaves no trace during use, so no covert data collection is possible.
  • No conclusions about the health status of the person being identified can be drawn using the device



Solutions and products


What is BLogin?

BLogin is a computer authentication solution based on biometric technology, optionally linked to Active Directory.

More about BLogin:

Although password-based authentication is the most common computer access solution today, passwords are an increasing security risk for companies. Despite stringent regulations, password misuse is an almost daily problem, not only for users but also for IT staff, who are constantly strained by forgotten passwords. On top of this, the fact that users have to remember up to 8-10 passwords and therefore often write them down or use low-security passwords is a constant inconvenience and a high security risk. With BLogin's vein sensor-based biometric Windows access solution, passwords that can be easily stolen, swiped and passed on can be triggered with a wave of the hand. BLogin is Active Directory compatible, so privilege management remains in AD. It can also be combined with GateKeeper access control to create an integrated enterprise security concept.

    The general reaction of users to complex password systems:

    •     do not change password
    •     use passwords that are as simple as possible
    •     write down or forget their passwords

    For businesses, this causes the following inconveniences:

    •   ongoing inconvenience for users 
    •   security risk
    •   ongoing workload for IT staff

    The main benefits of using BLogin:

    • Triggering and one-capacity management of stolen passwords using biometric identification
    • Generates a different 127-character password for each login
    • No expiring passwords
    • Reduces security risk
    • Increases efficiency
    • Reduces the administrative burden on IT staff
    • Active Directory compliant, so that access and IT rights management can be controlled through a single interface, combined with domain management
    • Can be combined with other biometric products
    • Integrates with other IT security systems




    What is LifePass?

    LifePass is a biometric identification system based on a vein sensor that can be easily integrated with any third-party system.

    More about LifePass:

    LifePass is specifically designed to integrate vein sensor security into any system, replacing or complementing passwords, cards and other devices that provide a lower level of security. LifePass can be used to provide the highest level of security in the customer's own system, with the palm of the hand of the user.

    LifePass is at the core of all our systems, as it provides a pure identity solution with no other functionality. LifePass has been designed as middleware, i.e. it can be easily integrated via an interface with any third party system.

    Key benefits of using the LifePass ID system: 

    •     The vein structure cannot be stolen, making it ideal for identification
    •     External damage does not affect the quality of the sample
    •     Leaves no trace, so not suitable for covert data collection
    •     Identification time of around 1 second
    •     1:n identification
    •     Multifactor 1:1 identification possible when saved on card or added with password
    •     Ideal solution for large numbers of users
    •     Easy to integrate via a standard interface as it works as middleware
    •     Anonymous database can be created
    •     System diagnostics module
    •     Easily customisable
    •     Direct link to the developer


    BioKrypt - email encryption


    What is BioKrypt?

    BioKrypt is a biometric email encryption solution that allows you to replace less secure passwords.

    More about BioKrypt:

    BioKrypt enables biometric encryption of emails based on vein sensor, replacing passwords that pose security risks. With BioKrypt, users only need the palm of their hand to encrypt emails with high security.

    To encrypt an email based on a password, the following versions are possible:

    • sends the password to the receiving party by SMS
    • sends the password by e-mail to the receiving party
    • agree verbally in advance, but a face-to-face meeting is always required to change the password

    With BioKrypt, you can choose in a closed environment to whom you want to send your email and attachments, encrypted in advance. The recipient can only open the encrypted email by entering his/her vein name, and after closing the email is automatically stored in encrypted form.

    Our solution is Microsoft Outlook compatible, so it can be installed as an added feature.

    Once BioKrypt is installed, the user can send an email in one of three ways:

    • encryption with biometric HASH code
    • encryption by password
    • sending e-mail without encryption


    The main benefits of using the BioKrypt system are:

    • Triggering and one-capacity management of stealable passwords with biometric identification
    • No more expiring passwords
    • Reduced security risk
    • Increases efficiency
    • Outlook compatible
    • Can be combined with other BioSec products
    • Easy to install


    Gatekeeper - Entrance


    What is GateKeeper?

    GateKeeper is an access control system based on a biometric solution.

    More about GateKeeper:

    The GateKeeper is a biometric access control system based on a vein sensor, which allows the highest level of security and can be combined with RFID on demand. The palm vein pattern-based identification is one of the most advanced biometric technologies, making it ideal for high security premises. At the same time, vein sensor-based access control is not only applicable at high security points, but also wherever a fast, convenient and easy-to-use (mass) identification solution is needed, as our hands are the key.

    For premises requiring different levels of security, BioSec's hybrid access control system, which combines the GateKeeper solution with RFID, provides a cost-effective solution. The hybrid access control system allows access to high-security premises using palm vein pattern identification and low-risk premises using RFID cards.

    The main benefits of using the BioSec GateKeeper access control system:

    • Highest security for identification
    • Integrates with most systems
    • Biometric sample with 256-bit encryption, plus encrypted traffic and database
    • Active Directory compatible, allowing IT and access rights management to be done through a single interface
    • Suitable for large or small systems
    • Mass management module
    • Visitor management, antipassback, antioutback
    • 1:n or 1:1 identification
    • Can be combined with RFID on demand
    • Can be used to control any electromechanical access control device (turnstile or gate, magnetic barrier, barrier gate, etc.)


    Stadiumguard - Stadium security


    What is StadiumGuard?

    A package of security and service solutions for stadiums, sports halls, sports facilities, which is more of an approach/concept than a set of optional products. It aims to develop a zero tolerance security system to support family-friendly stadiums/sports facilities.

    More about StadiumGuard:

    StadiumGuard is an integrated and modular system designed specifically for stadiums and large capacity facilities. With StadiumGuard, a number of stadium security and service solutions can be managed in a single solution, providing a cost-effective solution for the operator. StadiumGuard offers a comprehensive solution for access control, ticketing, cashless payment, spectator surveillance, providing a unique set of solutions for modern facility management. In addition, StadiumGuard ensures zero tolerance for disorderly behaviour and violence, as it can be used to keep banned fans out of the stadium with complete certainty during the period of their ban. StadiumGuard modules can be selected and combined as required by the customer. StadiumGuard has the advantage of being able to increase both the level of security and the level of service, thus enabling a highly secure, family-friendly stadium to be created at no extra cost.

    The main benefits of using the StadiumGuard system are:

    •     Unlimited number of access points to manage
    •     Unlimited number of users
    •     Verification in around 1 second when using biometrics
    •     biometrics can be used to create a 100% personalised ticket, thus the zero tolerance security concept
    •     Full logging and monitoring system
    •     100% personalised tickets
    •     Exclusion of banned persons can be achieved with maximum security
    •     Can be integrated with other products
    •     Family-friendly stadium can be created with higher service and security standards
    •     Simplified operation
    •     Eliminate the black market for tickets
    •     Cashless payment significantly reduces cash handling costs and makes accounting more transparent


    PayHAND - Cashless payment:


    What is PayHAND?

    PayHAND is a closed-loop cashless payment solution.

    More about PayHAND:

    PayHAND is a closed-loop cashless payment solution that combines vein sensor-based biometric ID technology with a complete transaction management system. With PayHAND, cards and PINs can be swiped with a single swipe of the hand, as cashless payments can be made with just the palm of the hand. Contactless cashless payment is also one of the most optimal payment alternatives, reducing cash handling costs and providing a customer-friendly solution where the customer does not have to worry about protecting their identity and card details.

    In addition to cashless payment, PayHAND offers the possibility to set up loyalty schemes without issuing a loyalty card.

    The main benefits of using the PayHAND system:

    •    Triggering and one-stop handling of PIN codes/passwords with biometric identification
    •     No more expiring passwords
    •     Reduced cash handling costs
    •     Reduced security risk
    •     Increases efficiency
    •     Customizable system that easily integrates with existing systems
    •     Transparent administrative processes
    •     Complete restaurant and waiter system
    •     Regular customer system can be developed
    •     Faster service, higher turnover
    •     Interoperable with other BioSec systems


    Talent+ - Complex biometric staff management


    What is Talent+?

    Talent+ is a biometric solution developed for the identification, management and administration of employees, especially for security guards, hostesses and statisticians.

    More about Talent+:

    Talent+ allows transparent identification, management and administration of employees (security guards, hostesses, extras, etc.) of different agencies. The system provides a solution for the secure and cost-effective identification of employees, while also providing employers with accurate information about the employees working at the event. Thanks to the use of biometric identification based on vein sensors, security risks associated with the use of false identities can be completely eliminated and employee misuse can be prevented. Talent+ provides an easy-to-use, fast and reliable solution that is specifically designed for the secure management of events with large numbers of staff. After biometric identification of employees, employers can easily verify that the person is on the event's employee database, has a valid licence or is on suspension.

    The main benefits of using Talent+:

    •     Unlimited number of users
    •     Reducing the security risk
    •     Easy to install
    •     Identification time of around 1 second
    •     Easy to use
    •     Increases efficiency
    •     External damage does not affect sampling quality

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