Droplet Computing Container App for Windows


Centralized cloud delivery, local execution

Droplet Computing containers require very little in the form of infrastructure, as the containers are delivered to the local device using your current deployment methods. As the container runs locally there is no requirement for large back-end servers or storage, you just need a file server on which to store your ready-built container images, ready for deployment.

Enhanced end user experience

Droplet Computing containers deliver an easy to navigate ‘app launcher’ workspace user interface, with the end users applications displayed as ’tiles’ for them to just click and run.

Simple application installation

Installing an app into the container is a simple IT admin task. They simply point the container to the installer file for the application they want to install and follow the standard installation for that app. There is no complex packaging, sequencing, or virtualization required. It’s simply a “next, next, finish” approach.

Application isolation

Run legacy add-ons such as older versions of Java, in older versions of web browsers to allow you to continue using older applications.

Application portability

Once containerized, applications will work across different devices, even non-Windows devices, allowing you to switch device and take your applications with you