Compliance & Security Products

Unitrends Security Manager

Secure your servers, data and network by detecting internal threats that firewalls and antiviruses can’t.

  • Alerting you to internal threats and unauthorized intrusions that got past your firewall
  • Unitrends Security Manager uses machine learning to identify anomalous activity, suspicious changes and threats
  • Know what is going on in your network at all times

Unitrends Compliance Manager

Take the time and stress out of HIPAA and GDPR Compliance. Unitrends Compliance Manager guides you through the entire process from helping you collect verbal information from stakeholders to scanning data across your network. Then it automatically collates the results to produce all of the reporting you need to pass a compliance audit.

  • Combine your knowledge with Unitrends Compliance Manager and you have everything you need to meet HIPAA and GDPR standards
  • Avoid those large non-compliance fines with automated, customized reports
  • Unitrends Compliance Manager keeps protecting even after the audit

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