Optimize Vulnerability Management

Patching vulnerabilities across a microsegmented network can be challenging. With FireMon, you can track behavior across your microsegmented network and trace the attack path from exposure to exploit to find and stop critical threats. Our attack path simulation shows you the compromise, so you can take action to shut down east-west traffic and quarantine network segments with automated policy change.


Achieve Continuous Compliance

Continuous compliance involves real-time audits and automated policy checks, but a microsegmentation approach can increase your security controls by 10,000%. How do you maintain compliance in a microsegmented network at all times? With our library of 350+ custom controls and automatic compliance checks, we cover every stitch of your microsegmented fabric so you’re always audit-ready.

Automate Security Orchestration

As the number of your security controls grows with a microsegmented network, you can command security policy into all of your microsegmented machines with FireMon. You’ll be able to automate your security policies from intent and design to implementation and decommissioning by orchestrating change management from a single FireMon console. All of your new segments will automatically be under control and secure.