Cloud Migration: Field-Tested, Cloud-Secured

Gain Centralized, Real-Time Visibility

It’s difficult enough trying to manage, cleanup and audit your hybrid cloud environment, but the lack of visibility of all of your network assets can impede your ability to prioritize the most critical threats. With FireMon, you have complete visibility and control of your security policy management across your hybrid cloud. We can reduce the visibility gap into your hybrid environment with real-time situational awareness and help ensure continuous compliance of your security policies from a single pane of glass.


Embrace Your Hybrid Cloud

The cloud enables your business to deliver, by allowing you to spin up, deploy and provision faster. But you’re challenged with maintaining a strong security posture even as you rapidly provide the latest IT solutions that your customers, partners and employees seek. FireMon’s workflow and orchestration capabilities allow you to deliver security and compliance at DevOps speed.

Eliminate Misconfigurations

Many hybrid cloud environments have a mix of different network security solutions without centralized management. If you don’t keep your security policies up-to-date and clean up unused rules, you will face misconfiguration errors, downtime, poor device performance and increased risk. With FireMon, you can command airtight security policies in your cloudy world with automated risk analysis and change management. Stop setting your security policies one device at a time. Orchestrate all of your hybrid cloud security controls from a single FireMon console.


Assess Risk in Real-Time

See your hybrid cloud from the perspective of a hacker with attack simulation and determine where multiple exploits could be used in combination to penetrate your network. Using FireMon’s visual attack paths, you can assess an attack’s impact and prioritize patching accordingly or adapt device rules automatically to reroute access to address the risk immediately.

Achieve Continuous Compliance

Avoid the headache of audit fire drills with continuous compliance across your hybrid environment. With real-time compliance checks across over 350 controls, we can help you validate configuration requirements and alert you when violations occur. With FireMon, you are always audit-ready.