Automate Ticket Tracking

FireMon automatically leverages and stores detailed ticket requests that capture all relevant and required information upfront. You can integrate FireMon with your existing ticketing systems to enable new requests to filter directly into our change automation platform and customize request forms to ensure all relevant change information is captured upfront.

Automate At Your Pace and Confidence Level

FireMon Automation delivers a comprehensive set of security policy automation capabilities that drive smart security process automation to effectively address your unique use case, infrastructure, or compliance requirements. Our multi-level approach drives efficiency, agility, and efficacy by aligning automated tasks to your specific requirements and gives you the flexibility to manage your automation journey at your pace and confidence level.

Analyze Redundant Rules

FireMon automatically analyzes your rule base for similar or already existing access to prevent unnecessary changes. We give you insight into any requests that duplicate access that is already accounted for, as well as any rules that allow similar access to a new request, to reduce complexity and increase the efficiency of your hybrid network.

Assess Potential Change Impacts

FireMon performs a pre-change impact analysis that simulates a potential rule change and analyzes its impact on compliance and security. We can continuously assess and communicate risk associated with new access requests while keeping pace with the change and complexity happening in your hybrid cloud environment.


Automate Rule Review and Implementation

FireMon enables automated rule review for low-risk changes that you establish. We can also automate rules for select vendors that you designate. We give you the necessary contextual, device-specific assistance for implementing rules or automating implementation as it fits your organization’s established processes.

Automate Rule Removal

FireMon can automatically create tickets for rule removal following review. We can help you review, amend and decommission policies as your business needs evolve or when critical threats arise. You can customize your rule review by date, event, detected threat, etc.