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The new backup2disk storage appliance from Novarion© & Quest© is the perfect combination of state-of-the-art hardware from Novarion© and the highly applicable software from Quest©. Tacyon© QoreStor™ wins over customers with its leading enterprise-class features and performance around deduplication and WAN management.


A powerful combination

Your advantages with Tacyon© QoreStor™ products:

  • Reduction of backup costs
  • Fast execution of backups
  • Reduction of the replication time
  • Improving data security
  • Maximize the ROI of the backup software
  • Reduction of operating costs


Tacyon© QoreStor™ Appliance

Tacyon© QoreStor™ is a software-defined secondary storage solution used in the data center and in any cloud. Use the Tacyon© QoreStor™ appliance to complement your data protection service as it integrates with many of the backup and recovery software solutions you may already be using. Tacyon© QoreStor™ will help you and your customers significantly reduce storage costs through deduplication, accelerate backups using protocol accelerators to reduce the risk of data loss, and replicate backups securely and reliably for disaster recovery in another location. In addition, Tacyon© QoreStor™ has highly redundant hardware with redundant power supplies, fans, hard drives (RAID6), as well as redundant SSDs for the operating system and redundant 10 GB network cards. The Tacyon© QoreStor™ appliances are available in various configurations ranging from 5TB to 360TB.


The benefits of using the Tacyon® QoreStor™ appliance are numerous and various:

  • Pre-installed and pre-configured with Oracle Linux
  • Compatible with all common backup software solutions
  • Clear and easy to use Web-GUI
  • Support from a single source
  • Redundant hardware
  • Reduced data backup costs
  • Perform backups faster
  • Reduce replication time
  • Improving data security
  • Maximize the ROI of the backup software
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Secure, WAN-optimized site replication


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