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With Flexera Software, application developers and large enterprises can improve application utilization and security, thereby increasing the software's added value. Software licensing, license compliance, cybersecurity and deployment solutions are essential to ensure proper software licensing. They enable optimal software investment and the ability to run a timeless business despite the risks and costs of ever-changing technologies. Flexera Software has been a market leader for more than 25 years and more than 80,000 customers turn to the company for its trusted and neutral knowledge and expertise, as well as its automated and intelligent products.


AdminStudio provides enterprise IT teams with complex application suite assembly tools. It helps you efficiently prepare robust application packages for software development with a comprehensive set of automated MSI packages and customization, testing and reporting capabilities. Benchmark tests have proven to reduce application preparation time by up to 70%. AdminStudio Software Application Manager provides care-free packages to deliver leading software development tools.

IT professionals must always be adapting to changes, but in today's digital world, it is increasingly important that applications are always up-to-date and can be deployed in any environment. AdminStudio automates application preparation to capture and package robust enterprise applications to ensure continuous and predictable development of the App Portal and leading software development tools.


  • Improving service quality and modernising service delivery
  • Reducing risk and faster adoption of new technologies
  • Improve efficiency by using central application locks
  • Tight integration with leading software development tools
  • Reliable management of the entire asset lifecyc

App Portal

The App Portal enforces that software licenses are always in order and controls software development, while increasing employee satisfaction and improving the efficiency of application service delivery. The enterprise app store ensures that software license availability is monitored, so software requests can be properly approved and unused licenses can be taken back.   


The App Portal is a universal enterprise app store for desktop, mobile and cloud applications that allows the IT team to maintain control, ensuring compliance with license management agreements, product usage entitlements and corporate policies. This can reduce software costs for the enterprise and maximise software utilisation. The App Portal is designed to serve the consumer-centric, user-driven need to control the distribution of approved and eligible software, and to provide access to approved applications in the workspace. Automating one-off software requests and enabling self-service operating system upgrades saves time for the IT team.

Software Vulnerability Manager

With Software Vulnerability Manager, IT security and operations professionals can continuously monitor, identify and fix vulnerable applications - before their use leads to costly system downtime. It enables SecOps innovation by providing Secunia Research's verified intelligence, periodic vulnerability advisories, and accurate assessment and security patches - all from a single console.   


SecOps Vulnerability Management

Integrating IA security processes and policies with software acquisition, development and administration to reduce vulnerability and exposure.

Intelligence from Secunia Research@Flexera

Secunia Research is a research team with globally recognized expertise in discovering, monitoring, testing, validating and documenting vulnerabilities in tens of thousands of applications and systems. Our professionals work under strict ethical guidelines and collaborate with the research community and software vendors to guarantee the quality of the vulnerability information they document. Since 2003, we have managed and maintained Flexera's proprietary vulnerability database, one of the largest in the industry. They create and publish advisories, signatures and packages - vulnerability intelligence - on which the software vulnerability manager is based.


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Flexera InstallShield

InstallShield is the standard solution for software installation. InstallShield makes it quick and easy to create installation solutions with Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI).

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