Protect and accelerate your applications, websites and teams

Web Performance & Security Cloud Platform

An optimal user experience naturally also means integrated, invisible but efficient security and fast operation of all applications, infrastructure and (web) sites. Most organisations use different manufacturers and products to achieve a complete picture. With the increase in the use of cloud-based (SaaS) applications and networks, security naturally becomes even more complex and at the same time performance is not always optimal. And that while, especially when transitioning to the cloud, one does not want the user experience to deteriorate.

Cloudflare secures, ensures reliability and improves the performance of your outward-facing resources, such as websites, APIs and applications. Cloudflare also protects your internal resources, such as applications behind the firewall, teams and devices. In addition, Cloudflare is your platform for developing globally scalable applications.

Cloudflare's architecture provides you with an integrated set of L3-L7 (OSI) network services, all accessible from a single dashboard. It is designed to run any service on any server in any data centre in the global Cloudflare network. It also gives developers a flexible platform to distribute serverless code directly worldwide. No software or hardware is required, easy to set up, simple to use and easy to maintain.

Nothing is more compelling than customer experiences. So feel free to read the case study of DHL (Logistics leader meets peak demand with Cloudflare's scalable global network) or any of Cloudflare's other satisfied customers.

Cloudflare also specifically offers help with Barracuda's ESG ZERO-day vulnerability!

You've probably seen by that Barracuda's ESG ZERO-day vulnerability has been exploitable for 8 months. As a solution and replacement, many Cloudflare customers are using Cloudflare's Area 1 Cloud Email Security to protect their mail environment. You too? Then contact us in email with referring to "Area1 Cloud Email Security".


Application Services

Secure, fast web applications lead to a better user experience.

With Cloudflare, rich web application experiences never come at the expense of security or performance; rather, these are secured and accelerated with application services. Whether it's your applications, APIs or websites, within minutes you can point your DNS to Cloudflare and enable these services instantly. Since the Cloudflare network spans over 275 cities in more than 100 countries and visitors get location-based access to your website, latency is removed and speed is improved. This helps you keep your applications fast, available and scalable. The application service delivers, among other things:

  • Fast, user-friendly DNS
  • Unlimited DDOS protection
  • Global CDN
  • Universal SSL certificate
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)

And this is just the free version for a single domain.

The Pro, Business and Enterprise versions of the application services offer even more technology and benefits. These include improved performance of images on a mobile connection, 100% SLA for uptime and role-based account management. Various add-ons are also available for each version, allowing you to take full and tailored advantage of Cloudflare. Think advanced certificate management, at-scale streaming of high-quality videos or wordpress platform optimisation. Choose what best suits your situation! For a full and clear overview of the different version functionalities and options, visit the Cloudflare website!

Zero-Trust Services

Stop data loss, malware and phishing for any application and across all devices and locations.

Your employees, partners and customers need a network that is secure, fast and reliable, especially now that virtually all applications and users are everywhere. When this shift began several years ago, "traditional" security methods - which were mostly site-centric, such as VPNs, firewalls and web proxies - proved inadequate. Today, the zero-trust security concept is the most secure and logical solution. Cloudflare Zero-Trust is a security platform that improves insight, eliminates complexity and reduces risk and therefore makes the internet faster and safer for users around the world. With its "single-pass" architecture, every traffic is verified, filtered, inspected and isolated from threats. The Zero-Trust Service provides, among others:

  • Application Connector Software
  • Device Client (Agent) Software
  • Zero Trust Network Access
  • Secure Web Gateway
  • Inline-Only Cloud Access Security Broker

And this is just the free version up to 50 users and 3 network locations!

The standard and enterprise subscriptions of the Zero-Trust Services offer, in addition to more users and locations, even more security technology and options. For example, consider adding Browser Isolation (addOn) for fast and secure browsing. But also important advanced technologies such as Cloud Email Security (area1) and Data Loss Prevention will then be available. One thing is certain with the Cloudflare Zero-Trust Services, you will have secure and fast access to all your applications (cloud, on-premises and SaaS) in an advanced and reliable way. For a comparison of the different versions of Zero-Trust Services available, click here!

Network Services

Connectivity, security and performance.

Corporate networks today have become too complicated. Whereas previously working with "castle-and-moat" infrastructures (all threats come from outside), this is no longer sufficient. We have come to the conclusion that important threats can also come from within. As a result, networks and their security infrastructure have been adapted, modified, merged and rebuilt here and there. Which has led to a "mishmash" of hardware and legacy infrastructure that is barely manageable.

With Cloudflare, you replace all this with one global network with built-in software-defined ZeroTrust functionalities, DDoS mitigation, firewall services and performance improvement. Without the cost and complexity of maintaining and managing legacly network hardware, you still have a connected, secure and fast corporate network at your disposal. The Cloudflare network services include:

  • Magic WAN - Your own private WAN to replace MPLS between your branch offices and data centres.
  • Magic Transit - Secure your data centres and network infrastructure against DDoS attacks.
  • Magic Firewall - Enforce inspection and filtering of traffic across your entire corporate network.

Besides these standard network services, you can easily add additional services to this solution. Think of Network Interconnect to connect your on-premise network directly to one of the 275 centres of the Cloudflare network. Or the Argo Smart Routing service, which intelligently speeds up your internet traffic by up to 30%. All mentioned network services are available separately, so you can use the best one for your organisation and infrastructure. Click here for more detailed information on the various services.

Developer platform

Security, performance and reliability.

Most know it and it can slow down developments: to deploy an application to the cloud, you need a robust network, extensive storage capacity and lots of computing power. And that's just the architecture, you also need many other tools and services to build, deploy and maintain those applications. With the Cloudflare developer platform, you can immediately roll out these (serverless) applications and code worldwide, without any additional investments. By collaborating with various partners in the areas of database connectivity, authentication and infrastructure management, this provides immediate access to optimal performance, reliability and scalability for your cloud applications. The following services are at your disposal:

  • Cloudflare Workers: Immediate global deployment of serverless code.
  • Workers KV: Access to secure storage in all data centres.
  • Cloudflare Pages: JAMstack platform for front-end developers to collaborate and roll out websites.

Even with the developer platform, the service can be tailored to your needs and requirements with various addons such as image resizing, video streaming and cloudflare for SaaS. Regardless of your choice; you can be up and running within 5 minutes and your code can be used by users worldwide in milliseconds. In short, you write the code, Cloudflare does the rest. Check all features and corresponding prices (including free version) on the Cloudflar website.