Streamlined and Converged Cyber Security

SIEM, SOAR, UEBA and Endpoint Security are converged for a precise, consistent, and efficient threat response


Consolidate your tech stack & accelerate threat detection and response. By unifying the foundational cybersecurity tech stack, you can arm the security team with automation and precision to solve complex cybersecurity issues and efficiently mitigate threats, resulting in a safer organization.


Logpoint’s SIEM & SOAR products

Cybersecurity is challenged on several frontiers. With alert fatigue and a constant need for market adjustment, companies need solutions that reduce complexity and bring contextual awareness. Solutions that are easy to implement, integrate and operate. Logpoint is that solution.

Logpoint leverages advanced analytics, accelerated by Machine Learning to improve our customers’ cybersecurity and automate their digital transformation. Logpoint’s security analytics engine allows users to easily identify attacks, immediately respond and effectively report.

With Logpoint, our customers get a force multiplier for their security analysts to enhance the safety of critical business intelligence.


Logpoint SIEM

Reduce Cyber Risk with Powerful Data Analysis

  • Accelerate threat detection and investigation​
  • Centralize data monitoring
  • Out-of-the-box compliance support


Data Monitoring – Centralized for Heightened Visibility

Logpoint SIEM collects event data produced by any device, application or endpoint within your infrastructure. ​

By centralizing the data monitoring you improve your visibility into your network and IT infrastructure.



Improve Your Threat Detection and Investigation

Logpoint SIEM makes it easy to analyze user activity and incidents by translating complex log data into a single language and maps the alerts to MITRE ATT&CK.​

The data is visualized intuitively and puts it into context allowing you to quickly detect and investigate incidents.



Effortless Compliance Adherence

Logpoint SIEM provides compliance for all major regulatory domains such as SCHREMS-II, HIPAA, GDPR, and supports forensic analysis and investigation, making it effortless to present compliance evidence and determine the root cause of the breaches.​


"Using Logpoint fundamentally changes the way you work with log data in your infrastructure. With Logpoint log data becomes a useful tool. It allows us to take control and get a meaningful, constant output that enables us to spot potential problems and react promptly. Before things turn into a real threat."

Markus Buss
Infrastructure Systems Administrator at Engelbert Strauss


Logpoint SOAR

Security Incident Investigation – Automated

  • Reduce cyber security risk with automated playbooks that facilitate rapid investigation, containment, and removal of cyber threats
  • SOAR guides analysts by automatically providing context enrichment, helping increase the efficiency of security operations
  • Orchestrate security tools and integrations to streamline security processes and automate response


Logpoint SOAR Decreases the Time to Detect and Respond

Security teams are made more efficient by utilizing automated structured workflows for day-to-day tasks.​

Logpoint’s converged platform ensures that there is direct flow from SIEM to SOAR. Security data and alerts are gathered and prioritized helping analysts identify and resolve incidents fast.


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Better Cyber Intelligence

SOAR stores and prioritizes alerts and security data from multiple sources and systems, ensuring that the security analyst and the CISO have all the necessary information for faster detection and response to threats.

Increase SOC Effectiveness and Collaboration

SOAR automatically pulls your cyber incidents and supporting data together in one place and uses playbooks to guide analysts to faster decisions and more efficient SOC team collaboration.


"We discovered this program a few years ago and found it to be the greatest alternative. It meets our organization’s cybersecurity requirements. One of the advantages of being a Logpoint member is that the customer receives SOAR, a tool that automates the routine tasks of a SOC analysis. SOC analysts no longer need to verify low-level alarms and cleaning records now that SOAR is available. Instead, the SOC analysis may apply critical thinking to tackle difficult issues while SOAR handles the simple ones."

Gartner Peer Insights Review


Logpoint UEBA

Detect Insider and Unknown Threats Quickly

Accelerate detection and response to threats by spotting early signs of suspicious patterns and anomalous behavior with advanced User and Entity Behavior Analytics.

Get in-depth analysis on suspicious successful or failed logins, brute-force attacks, abnormal use of or first-time access to programs, transactions, and systems, plus unusual patterns in the overall activity of users.

UEBA: Complete Guide


Identify Threat Patterns Early to Effectively Mitigate Risks

Advanced attacks and pervasive threats to your organization often rely on compromised credentials or coercing users into performing actions that damage enterprise security. To identify such attacks, you need a robust solution that enables analysts to detect abnormal activity on your network.

Logpoint UEBA helps you enhance investigation of unusual behavioral patterns while reducing time spent on threat hunting. Mitigate risk, damage, and data loss by detecting advanced attacks early.

Why Do You Need UEBA?


The Power of UEBA Plus SIEM+SOAR to Strengthen Your Security Posture


Logpoint EDR

Detect and Remediate Incidents in Endpoints Quickly With AgentX

Add EDR capabilities to your security operations platform, not complexity to your tech stack.

AgentX, our native endpoint agent, will help you secure your entire organization and reach endpoints you have never thought of before.

Stay on top of your endpoint security with more in-depth detection of malware and faster response to threats by combining AgentX capabilities with SIEM, SOAR and UEBA.

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AgentX Accelerates TDIR

AgentX is a feature natively integrated with Logpoint Converged SIEM, bringing EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) capabilities directly to your platform, with no additional cost or complexity to your tech stack.

Logs and telemetry are transported from endpoints to the SIEM, allowing AgentX to perform automated real-time threat investigation and remediation with SOAR greatly improving observability, investigation and response.

But you get way more than that from one single platform:

  • Monitoring system-level behaviors
  • Endpoint interrogation
  • Longer data and telemetry retention
  • Automated threat response and remediation