Network security and network management

Representing the world's leading network equipment and technology vendors, Prianto is able to deliver modern, cost-effective, secure, future-proof network infrastructures through its partners that enable customers to conduct business online efficiently, economically and securely. Operating IT networks is unthinkable without effective management systems. As network solutions and applications evolve, so too do the demands on management systems. Prianto's technologies offer a complete solution, from traditional management functions to full traffic analysis. Our expert partners and technical colleagues will help you find the best solution for your needs from a wide range of offerings, and during installation, they will be fully configured to the specific characteristics of your network to achieve the most efficient support.

Networks are complex, but managing networks need not be a complex task.

Making network management simple:

  • A modular, scalable monitoring platform gives the administrator insight into on-prem, cloud or shared infrastructures, providing comprehensive information on system health and performance.
  • Easily understand the overall health of cloud services with critical path-hop-by-hop analysis and visualization along the entire operational path
  • Quickly see network connectivity maps, dependency relationships and topology information - automatically generated
  • Ensure that complex network devices perform and operate as expected
  • Know who and what is connected to the network, and when and where they connect
  • Be prepared to recover quickly from activity resulting from hardware failures and human errors with automatic backups
  • Support and assure users that devices are properly configured and compliant with regulatory standards such as PCI, SOX, HIPAA, etc.
  • Plan for the future with capacity forecasting and EOS/EOL tracking

Network management solutions