Services for Resellers

Software Distribution

Prianto is a trusted partner for enterprise software distribution. Our team provides high quality support for the design, implementation and fine-tuning of our solutions and services.

We connect ICT resellers and system integrators with forward-looking technologies and solutions to jointly enter new markets.

Our key software vendor partners are One Identity, Quest, Flexera, Nitro, Smartbear, SolarWinds, Stormagic, Teamviewer, Unitrends, Veriato, Macrium

Solutions Overview

Sales Support

Some training programmes also include a manufacturer certificate, which helps participants' career prospects and the success of their company.

  •     Provision of marketing materials
  •     Advice on sales strategies
  •     Support during project business
  •     Cross-selling ideas and tools
  •     Renewal management
  •     Follow-up training for senior salespeople
  •     External input for new customer acquisition

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    MSP Support

    Expert support for all areas of future cloud services.

    With intelligent licensing models, offer management, technical support and training, and attentive marketing solutions, we can help you deliver the Software-as-a-Service projects of the future.

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    In addition to the face-to-face support system, Prianto also regularly offers cost-effective online training. We can help you acquire the skills you need to competently serve and advise your clients!

    Our training courses are designed to make it easy to configure, operate and maintain the solutions we provide, by learning and practicing the knowledge provided by Prianto.

    The IT world is constantly changing. Therefore, lifelong learning is essential for every employee and every dynamic company. We provide our partners with easy training opportunities in enterprise software solutions.

    Prianto trainings and events

    In compact presentations and workshops, Prianto engineers will introduce you to the most advanced technology solutions. You can build valuable contacts during our training and events, and deepen your knowledge through face-to-face discussions and webinars, or at the Prianto Academy.