Network Compliance Reporting & Audit: A Life Hack for Audits

Tough as it may be, compliance is necessary to protect data and applications and to keep services running. The process of preparing for audits, however, can be a grind, time-intensive and painful to pull it all together. It usually takes weeks (or months), which means by the time you’re ready, everything has changed. The digital ink is barely dry before the details become obsolete.


The FireMon Difference


  • Real-Time Monitoring: Sub-second compliance checks, never push a non-compliant rule again
  • Full Data Retention: Your complete compliance and change history, at your fingertips
  • Customizable Search & Reporting: Get specific for your audit, you’re ready for anything
  • Automation & Orchestration: Automate checks and rule validation, never see compliance drift


Vulnerability Management

Attackers aren’t the only thing that can exploit vulnerabilities. Analyze and quantify your compliance risk in the light of your current vulnerabilities. Only FireMon shows you the patch priorities to ensure continuous compliance. By pairing compliance reporting with vulnerability checks, security teams can take the view of an auditor and take action when compliance drifts.


Continuous Compliance

It is tough to report compliance in real-time or satisfy auditors when networks turn on a dime. Avoid the headache with continuous compliance. FireMon’s compliance reporting consists of 350+ controls that can be applied to an unlimited number of assessments, saving you time to prepare for each audit. Real-time compliance checks make sure you’re always audit-ready.



Command security in the compliance mandates, giving you confidence that your rules are valid. Intelligent orchestration means every change request is tested against compliance and scored for risk to the network – both compliance and security risk. Automation ensures the right change happens in minutes instead of weeks.