Struggling with old apps not running on Windows 10?


Are you running on XP, 2003, 2008 Servers or Win 7 without support or not being secure? We can put the applications into a secure container and allow you to use a new operating system. Why? To make compatible, secure, and meet compliance for your legacy servers and applications.

Droplet Computing is a software-based container solution that works by taking legacy applications and installing them unchanged, inside a secure and isolated 'bubble'. This secure 'bubble' can run on a new OS meaning the customer can upgrade to Windows 10, MacOS, Linux, Chrome, Server 2019 etc. and keep their critical applications and meet compliance needs - even if the operating system on your device does not normally support those applications.


Why Droplet?

· Droplet Computing doesn't require any additional overheads or hardware such as application packaging, virtualization or sequencing

· Droplet Computing enables applications to be portable, and accessible across a wide range of devices and operating systems, both on-line and off-line.

· Any applications that are accessed via Droplet Computing will have the same look and feel as if natively installed on a Windows device, no additional training is required.

· An alternative, cost-effective solution where traditional desktop virtualization has previously been ruled out, purely down to costs or the size of your organization.

· Once a container has been created and the apps have been installed, a golden image can be saved and deployed using your deployment method of choice, for example, SCCM.

· Removing the concern around Windows patching and security updates, as any applications inside the Droplet Computing container are not affected.

· Windows-based applications and the plug-ins required to run them, can be installed within a Droplet Computing Container on any of the above operating systems




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