More and more organizations are choosing to adopt cloud computing solutions to improve IT agility and reduce costs, but making sure your infrastructure is cloud-ready can be a challenge. Quest Software cloud management solutions help IT professionals like you modernize your infrastructure and get to the cloud quicker. Let us help you spend less time monitoring and more time optimizing your cloud environment for future growth.


Get one step closer to the cloud with our cloud-ready solutions that enable you to quickly scale and modernize your infrastructure without impacting users or placing your data at risk.

Cloud Migration Planning

Significantly reduce the time, effort and complexity of migrating to the cloud, including to a new or different cloud services provider. Our cloud-ready solutions allow you to spend less time worrying about your migration and more time focusing on business innovation. Quest makes it easy and economical to migrate to the cloud.

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Foglight Capacity Director

Foglight for Virtualization

Rapid Recovery

Hybrid Cloud Management

Simplify cloud performance monitoring while gaining full visibility into your infrastructure (AWS, Azure, Hyper-V and VMware) from a single dashboard. Our hybrid cloud management solution can help you reduce costs and speed up time to market when running your business in Azure or AWS. Save time with pre-built and configured rules, reports and dashboards for AWS and Azure, and realize unlimited infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) history retention.

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Azure Backup

Easily create an offsite Azure backup strategy that can save you time, money and resources. Ensure that, in the event of a data disaster, you can access your backed-up data fast and at any level with easy point-and-click bare-metal and file-level restores. The Rapid Recovery replication target in the Azure Marketplace makes setting up and configuring Azure extremely easy. Quickly create virtual standby machines in your Azure account for easy and reliable disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).

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AWS Backup

Quickly set up and connect to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure reliable recovery and easy management of your offsite cloud backup. Unleash the powerful capabilities and performance of AWS, and begin experiencing real benefits, such as easy scalability, redundancy and cost savings. Backup and recovery with AWS doesn't have to be difficult, time consuming or expensive. In fact, our solutions make it extremely easy and affordable to set up, manage and get the most from AWS.

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