How does Cloudflare work?

Cloudflare secures and accelerates (speeds up) any online website. Once your website is part of the Cloudflare community, all internet traffic is routed through the intelligent global network. This automatically optimises the delivery of your web pages, allowing your internet visitors to load pages quickly and thus have an optimal experience. Cloudflare also blocks various threats and reduces bots and crawler, making the best use of your bandwidth and server capacity.

You can experience it for yourself by trying it out for free - you'll be up and running within 5 minutes!

How do I receive Support?

Cloudflare comes as an annual subscription/subscription licence, this includes a form of support and support. The type of support obviously depends on the chosen subscription. Community forums, lots of documentation and the knowledge base are always at your disposal and paying customers can also log into their account and request support via support tickets. There is also the possibility of chat support, telephone support and 24x7x365 support with certain subscriptions.

If you have any questions about (extending) your support, feel free to email Prianto for more information.

How does Cloudflare handle privacy and security?

Of course, Cloudflare has a thorough privacy and security policy. You can find these HERE. Looking for Prianto's privacy policy, it can also be found on our website.

What are Cloudflare's SLAs?

Cloudflare has SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for customers with a business or enterprise subscription. Both offer a 100% uptime guarantee.

In the unusual case of downtime then the customer with a business subscription will receive a service credit on their licence fee. This is calculated in proportion to the outage and to what extent the customer has been affected by it. The full Business SLA is available here. Enterprise subscription customers receive a 10x service credit and Enterprise Premium subscription customers receive a 25x service credit. For these customers too, the credit is calculated in proportion to the outage and to what extent the customer has been adversely affected. The full Enterprise SLA is available here. 

What is Cloudflare's (Zero-Trust) competition?

Cloudflare is not only a lot more approachable than what the competition uses, but is also truly a single platform. Whereas many vendors have "bought into" the Zero-Trust market through acquisitions, Cloudflare is built from scratch. This clearly benefits performance and simplicity of use.

Also check out this comparison with Zscaler.


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