Risk Modelling


Calculate Network Reachability

Risk Analyzer allows you to see and manage your network’s risk posture in real-time. Risk Analyzer’s enterprise-ready architecture handles large, complex hybrid networks with tens of thousands of hosts and security results and can easily calculate an attacker’s potential accessibility to your network and assess the potential damage.




Simulate Potential Attacks

Risk Analyzer can trace possible paths attackers might use to gain access to your critical assets. With Risk Analyzer, you can determine where multiple exploits could be used in combination to penetrate your network. Using visual attack paths and zero-day attack graphs, you can assess an attack’s impact and prioritize patching accordingly or adapt device rules to reroute access to address the risk immediately.


Score Attack Simulations

Risk Analyzer can score all attack simulations for risk and impact and then re-score once you’ve made improvements to determine the impact changes. You can get a complete score of your network risk with a user dashboard that gives you real-time visibility of your risk posture by policy rule and asset.


Analyze “What If” Scenarios

Risk Analyzer enables you to virtually patch systems and repeat risk analysis to compare various patch scenarios to ensure the biggest impact on efforts. You can also determine where multiple exploits can be used in combination to reach an asset as well as assess any potential impact to other parts of your network.


Remediate Exposures

Risk Analyzer integrates with your vulnerability management solutions (Qualys, Rapid7 and Tenable) to measure risk and identify potential attack penetration in your network. By collecting and reporting on the real-time configurations of network access controls deployed on your network security devices, Risk Analyzer delivers accurate remediation recommendations so that you can prioritize and optimize your patch management strategy.


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