AWS Integration


Runecast leverages its expertise to stabilize and fine-tune VMware & Amazon Web Services hybrid cloud. The strictly on-premises and secure analysis helps admins to understand their hybrid cloud environment.

With sensitive data stored both on-premises and within AWS, company admins face the critical challenges of insuring cloud storage is securely configured to prevent data breaches. Also, companies would like their admins to be equipped to uncover security issues in real-time, without having to wait on a return call from external support.

AWS areas where Runecast Analyzer brings value and stability


Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)


Immediate ROI, from the very first scan?

Runecast customer case studies explain how Runecast Analyzer has in many cases provided an immediate ROI from the very first scan by:

  • exposing previously unknown issues in your mission-critical environment
  • helping to reduce security and availability issues to ensure your data center uptime
  • reducing what many (unfortunately) consider to be ‘standard’ data center costs

The use of Runecast Analyzer not only pays for itself but therefore also frees up budget to be used for additional data center optimizations.


Solution: Runecast Analyzer

Your Navigator on the Journey to AWS

For admins migrating into known complexity, facing unknown complications, Runecast Analyzer is a friend on that journey, bringing attention to the issues that matter most to mission-critical IT operations.

To help teams with a simpler transition to hybrid cloud services, specifically AWS, Runecast Analyzer:

  • Enables admins to fully understand their environments;
  • Simplifies the complexity of the AWS environment with its VMware-proven analysis methodology;
  • Shows what is happening in the cloud and as well provides deep insights into what is happening on premises

Secure, Strictly On-Premises Hybrid-Cloud Analysis

To help teams secure their AWS infrastructure, Runecast has built upon its industry-leading on-premises VMware solution.

To assist with security compliance, Runecast runs completely on-prem, so sensitive company, employee, or customer data remains in your secure environment. Runecast Analyzer checks for:

  • Misconfigurations;
  • Alignment with AWS Best Practices;
  • Alignment with AWS Security Hardening.

Immediate Value for Your Team

Connect Runecast Analyzer via AWS API and it’s ready to go. Runecast ROI extends beyond itself to ensure also greater ROI for VMware and AWS investments. Running Runecast in your data center results in reduced costs, simplified operations, enhanced availability, and more time to innovate.

Runecast Analyzer:

  • Helps teams to stabilize performance and security compliance;
  • Helps IT admins leverage – and secure – existing or future investments into VMware and AWS;
  • Automatically evaluates issues within these platforms so that admins can address them proactively before they can lead to costly outcomes.


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