Data protection and disaster recovery for diversified, dynamic and distributed enterprises


Micro Focus Data Protector is automated backup and recovery software for enterprise environments that supports a wide variety of storage targets. It provides cross-platform online data backup for Microsoft Windows, Unix and Linux operating systems.


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Enterprise-ready and secure for legacy and current workloads

A unified and scalable architecture provides centrally managed backup and disaster recovery for physical and virtualized environments with different operating systems, storage platforms, hypervisors, and enterprise applications in data centers and remote locations, as well as for different backup targets such as disks, tapes, or clouds.


Instant recovery via native application integrations

  • Support for mission-critical applications and databases is enabled through online extensions for business applications. These include Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, SAP, SAP HANA, IBM Db2, Sybase ASE, PostgreSQL, and MySQL for providing application-aware backup and recovery.
  • Granular recovery is enabled by extensions that add backup and recovery capabilities to the application management user interface, providing application owners with a self-service option to search and restore individual items.


Backup and recovery of virtual environments

  • Data Protector fully integrates with VMware vSphere and MS Hyper-V virtualization platforms and provides protection schemes such as local and remote backup/restore with snapshots, power-on and live migration of VMs. Other hypervisors such as KVM and Nutanix AHV are supported and benefit from Data Protector's automation and orchestration features.
  • Granular VM file recovery is possible across all client types, whether physical, virtual or cloud-based, and is complemented by virtualization reporting and predictive analytics.


Industry-leading platform integrations including cloud

  • Data Protector Express supports backup and recovery of virtual environments and includes features such as snapshot integration and cloud and encryption support. It also offers socket-based licensing to provide predictable licensing capabilities without the need for monitoring for virtualized workloads.
  • Consistent VM backups with or without agents are also available depending on your requirements. Agentless backups use VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V APIs to back up multiple VMs and their associated VM disks in parallel and stream them to a backup device.


Automated Disaster Recovery

  • Bare metal recovery capabilities for Windows and Linux clients are enabled by Enhanced Automated Disaster Recovery (EADR). This allows clients and cell managers to automatically capture relevant environmental data at backup time and combine the operating system data and configuration files into a single large DR image.
  • Bare-metal recovery for UNIX clients is supported by Disk Delivery Disaster Recovery (DDDR). With this feature, Data Protector can recover failed disk subsystems using a spare disk when the client system is unavailable or create new ones when the client system is online.


Orchestration, automation and monitoring

  • Built-in reports are available in Data Protector Express and Data Protector Premium. This gives administrators access to client backup statistics, licenses, sessions, configurations, schedules and more, allowing them to efficiently monitor the backup environment.

  • The integrated predictive analytics engine provides trends and scenario-based modeling, insights into potential scheduling and resource contention, and the impact of new workloads on the backup infrastructure, leading to better management and planning of backup processes.