Print/scan - Driverless printing

In order to operate pressure and scan management on Terminal Server & VDI environments without the risk of administrative downtime or operating costs, you need more than Citrix®, Windows®, and VMware® platforms.

This is exactly where our vendor partners triCerat and Nitro Software come in with their solutions!

  • With the ScrewDrivers® and triCerat SimplifyPrinting® print solutions, print drivers no longer have to be installed and managed on terminal or print servers, which, as is well-known, often cause difficulties and increase support requirements and costs.
  • Nitro changes the way the world works with documents. From the desktop to the cloud, Nitro makes it easy to create, edit, share, sign, and collaborate - both online and offline.

Discover our print management solutions and get the most out of your resources!

Our Print/Scan Solutions