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Get started with NetBrain Next-Gen today and transform your network operations plan from an outdated and reactive approach to a proactive, optimized approach that leverages your existing knowledge and experience. NetBrain supports what you already have on the network and what you will have in the future, including all cross-vendor on-premise and public cloud components.

NetBrain NextGen improves collaboration between NetDevOps teams and helps them manage any hybrid network by capturing, replicating and enforcing network design intent to simplify problem diagnosis and maintain ideal network conditions. It reduces disruptions, proves network innocence, resolves problems faster, protects the network from unintended consequences of changes, enforces a network that is secure by design, and meets the unique needs of each application to ensure the best performance

NetBrain captures the expertise of your subject matter experts without any code and makes it possible to replicate and share their knowledge across the network. NetBrain Automation scales NetOps more efficiently, to levels previously only associated with additional staff, increased costs and increased business risk.


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The NetBrain Difference

While most automation projects have focused on provisioning and initial provisioning of devices, no-code automation opens the door to scaling to ongoing or day-2 operations. NetBrain Next-Gen supports the automation needs of all operational tasks, including:

Prevention of failures:
Preventing service interruptions before they impact the business costs significantly less than repairing them after they occur. Proactive, continuous network monitoring and health checks prevent outages by alerting for deviations from required network conditions.
Automate monitoring, compliance, incident response, and change management to troubleshoot, detect anomalies, and enforce intent before disruptions and outages impact users.

Automated diagnosis:
Deliver reusable triage-level tasks at the click of a button by capturing and automatically executing time-consuming and repetitive tasks. Automate initial and repetitive troubleshooting tasks and reduce escalations by leveraging predefined automations for most incidents.

Protected change management:
Facilitate network changes without unintended consequences. Benchmark and then verify successful network operations and application performance after changes. Easily make batch configuration changes on similar devices on the network.

Identify scope and baseline before a change, execute securely, and validate after change without code automation. Reduce change times from hours to minutes and even protect your new drafts from future changes.

Application performance:
Maintain requirements for each application and prevent abnormal application performance thresholds. View the status of all application paths in a single dashboard to verify that planned network paths and required performance conditions are maintained.

Security Enforcement:
Continuously verify that the security infrastructure enforces the defined security conditions at the network device, zone, edge and border. Simplify compliance and mitigate risk with continuous network assessments that audit your network.




Network evaluation/assessments:
Conduct real-time assessments at any time to identify network bottlenecks, contention, and resource utilization to make your network more cost-effective and efficient. Discover potential network vulnerabilities and comply with regulatory requirements while ensuring you are always audit-prepared.
Enforce security and compliance:
Enforce network and security policies using automation to ensure compliance with corporate, industry and regulatory standards.

Precise documentation:
Keep your inventory up to date, generate maps and store SME knowledge using automation. No more tedious, error-prone manual entries.

Real-time transparency:
Achieve edge-to-cloud visibility through a single pane of glass based on a unique digital twin of your network's live routing tables and design intent.

Knowledge-based collaborative workflow:
Capture expertise to improve consistency, simplify information sharing and knowledge transfer, and reduce escalations.

Capture intents, maps, and diagnoses in incident tickets and promote cross-team collaborative troubleshooting in the incident portal.

Self-service automation:
Using a self-service, instant-access approach to resolving network issues can save hours (or in some cases days) on each individual service ticket, which collectively saves thousands of hours each month. You no longer have to wait for a network expert to become available or for a network leader to invite support team members into the resolution process. Self-service can assemble the right resources more quickly and get work done faster.

Scaling troubleshooting:
Reduce mean time to response (MTTR) from hours to minutes by triggering instant diagnostics, leveraging a self-service bot, or leveraging events triggered by third-party NMS or ITSM tools.

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Cisco Prime EOL: NetBrain Next-Gen as a network management alternative to Cisco

Cisco Prime says goodbye - welcome to NetBrain Next-Gen


NetBrain Next-Gen, a Cisco Prime successor, is the industry's most comprehensive no-code network automation platform, covering the entire network from edge to cloud and spanning all vendors and all technologies (not just Cisco). NetBrain Next-Gen automates NetOps across the lifespan of the network, providing a contextual, path-based digital twin and API integration with all existing network tools.

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