Vendor Overview

Process Fusion is a software company and cloud solutions innovator. We help organizations transform inefficient, paper (labor) intensive business processes into a secure, automated, mobile ready Digital First experience for all participants.

Organizations can easily migrate their traditional Print, Capture and Workflow systems onto our secure cloud platform to simplify IT management, reduce cost and to ensure business continuity and security compliance.

By incorporating machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities onto our intelligent cloud platform, organizations can reduce error associated with manual document processing and cost associated with inefficient workflows.


Process Fusion 360

Process Fusion 360 is a secure cloud-managed platform that helps organizations automate their business processes through documents, print, and digital data. So, whether staff are working at home or in the office, PF 360 enables a seamless hybrid office solution that simplifies document workflows, providesbetter team collaboration, and improves business outcomes.

By combining our intelligent capture, document process automation and cloud printing technologies into a single end-to-end digital platform, businesses can eliminate the need for manual document processes and traditional print management or printing.



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PF360 Capture

The PF 360 Capture module provides intelligent document processing, which re-engineers manual document processes, helping organizations to save both time and money, by eliminating inefficiencies and errors from your business.

This module offers multi-channel ingestion, machine learning, Document Auto, classification, smart OCR engine mapping capabilities including built-in workflows that can handle every type of document, from simple forms to complex free-form documents.

It can also feed content-driven business applications such as RPA, ECMs, EFSS, ERPs and EHR helping organizations focus on customer service, cost reduction and compliance

Key Benefits

  • 100% Cloud Managed
  • Able to handle High and Low Volume
  • Supports both Physical & Digital Input
  • Reduced Data Errors
  • No Need to Create Invoice Templates
  • Lower Processing Costs and TCO
  • Fast Deployment without Hardware
  • Greater Process and Status Visibility

Key Features

  • Secure Contactless Capture
  • Multi-Channel Ingestion
  • Machine Learning and Advanced Recognition
  • Automated Classification and Extraction
  • Smart OCR Engine Mapping
  • Built-in Workflows
  • Advanced Tracking and Analytics
  • Multi-App Integrations



PF 360 Print

The PF 360 Print Module provides a secure cloud print management platform simplifying how business traditionally print. With this module organizations can migrate all printers and their printer data from their print servers into a fully managed and supported Cloud infrastructure.

By eliminating the need for costly print servers, management of drivers and allowing centralized management of direct IP printing, organizations can provide a simple printing experience with full control over print.

Key Benefits

  • Seamless Home and Office Printing
  • Experience Security and Compliance
  • Fast Deployment of Print Drivers to Printers
  • Simple administration of printers, drivers, and users
  • Reduced Print-Related IT Support Costs
  • Removal of Costly Physical Print Servers

Key Features

  • Print Driver Management
  • Print Server Migration Tool
  • Patented PDF-based Universal Printer Driver
  • Centralized Direct IP Management
  • G-Suite & Azure AD Authentication
  • Chromebook & Home Printing
  • VDI & Citrix Printing
  • Auditing & Reporting
  • Secure Contactless Mobile Printing
  • Embedded MFP App

PF 360 Mobile App

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PF 360 Mobile is a document workflow productivity app that works in combination with the Process Fusion 360 platform, to help organizations automate their business processes, by simplifying the way people work with documents, print, and digital data. 

The mobile app enables users to securely scan their documents directly to a specified cloud repository or secure print queue to later release their documents jobs securely on-demand.

Key Features

  • Simple Scanning Experience
  • Simple Printing Experience
  • Print on Demand
  • Reduced Printing Waste
  • Document Archiving

UniPrint Infinity for On-Prem & Hybrid Printing

UniPrint Infinity Suite offers a secure, centralized on-premises or hosted print management platform which adds value through optimized IT admin and end user workflow.

It provides fast, convenient, reliable printing including, secure on-demand location-based printing, specialty printing, and high availability. The solution also functions with any VDI or EMR application including Citrix, VMware, WVD, EPIC, Imprivata etc.

So, whether organizations are looking to enhance security, improve remote printing, increase productivity, or reduce print-related costs, UniPrint Infinity has the solution to help. Take printing to the digital age and free up time to focus on what is important to your organization. 

With one PDF-based universal printer driver, one centralized web-based management console and one virtual print queue, UniPrint Infinity enables IT administrators to quickly deploy and manage any print environment with ease, while empowering users to securely print on-demand anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Seamless Deployment & Management

  • Print Vendor Agnostic
  • Cloud, On-premises, Hybrid Ready
  • VDI, WVD, VMware, Citrix, RDS Ready

Highly Secure

  • 256-bit end-to-end PDF Encryption
  • Two Factor Authentication When Releasing Print Jobs
  • PDF Document Archiving & User Analytics


  • Mobile Printing from any device including Android, iOS, Chromebook
  • Self-service user portal

Guaranteed ROI

  • Save on Print-related Costs by up to 35%
  • Reduce Print-related Helpdesk Calls by up to 75%