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Process Fusion,formerly known as, is a managed services and cloud application provider of Secure Information Exchange (SIX) and Business Process Automation (BPA) solutions. Our solutions bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.Founded in 1999, pioneered the patented use of PDF-based universal printer driver technology to streamline and enhance printing in Citrix server-based computing. Today, we are the recognized leader in printing virtualization

UniPrint began as a simple yet effective PDF-based Universal Printer Driver(UPD) platform and has evolved into a multi-faceted solution which streamlines and improves print reliability in server-based (Citrix printing, VMware printing printing, RDS printing), Cloud (Azure, Amazon etc.), and Serverless environments including. The software optimizes printing functionality, minimizes printer management, reduces bandwidth consumption, and enables anywhere, anytime printing from any device.


UniPrint InfinityCloud

With the Growth of the Cloud and Digital Transformation Markets our solutions offerings have extended far beyond print.  In addition to the UniPrint Infinity and ePRINTit software, we now have CapturePoint-One (CP-1), an intelligent document processing platform to offer our customers.

Our goal still remains the same –to help organizations automate critical business processes, increase process velocity, exchange information securely, and eliminate the inefficiencies and errors associated with manual and labour-intensive processes. Innovation and futureproofing is our focus, and we are prepared to help our customers transition from physical to digital processes with ease.

InfinityCloud offers a secure cloud SaaS print management platform which adds value through simplified user printing and print driver management. It removes the need for costly print servers, allows for centralized management of direct IP printing and improves your overall printing experience. With UniPrint InfinityCloud Services, you can remove the need for print servers by running the Print Server Migration Tool.


This migrates all your printer’s information such as their name, location, IP address, drivers, print settings etc. to UniPrint InfinityCloud. By importing all your printers into UniPrint InfinityCloud, this allows you to remove your print servers from your set up, so that when you press, “Print”, your print job will be sent directly to your IP printer.


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Digital Transformation starts with viewing solutions differently

CapturePoint is a powerful & effective cloud connector for Multi-Function Printers that omits the need for manual data-entry and includes robust inbound / outbound fax functionalities that eliminate the need for fax lines, or additional fax apps. It enables you to – easily scan a document using the MFP, convert it into editable formats such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel and then route the data to its appropriate destination.


CP-1 For Invoice Processing

CP-1 for invoices is a flexible capture solution that enables enterprises to process invoices with ease, cutting turnaround time to just minutes. Make your AP department more productive through automated invoice processing! CP-1 for invoicing supports multiple input channels like e-mail, web-based invoice scanning, MFP, FTP, mobile capture, fax, etc. It ensures identical document processing independent of form or format. Reduced AP Process Time, Optimize cash flow, enable dynamic discounting, and plan forecasting as soon as documents are received in your Accounting System. Improve Operational Productivity, Streamline operations, reduce human error, & increase workflow by accurately processing electronic information.

UniPrint Infinity Suite

UniPrint Infinity Suite offers a secure, centralized on-premises or hosted print management platform which adds value through optimized IT admin and end user workflow.

It provides fast, convenient, reliable printing including, secure on-demand location-based printing, specialty printing, and high availability. The solution also functions with any VDI or EMR application including Citrix, VMware, WVD, EPIC, Imprivata etc.


Print Management for Corporate & Remote Printing

Whether organizations are looking to enhance security, improve remote printing, increase productivity or reduce print-related costs, UniPrint Infinity has the solution to help. Take printing to the digital age and free up time to focus on what is important to your organization. 

A full suite PDF-based UPD print management platform for on-prem, hybrid or Cloud environments, UniPrint Infinity enables IT administrators to quickly deploy and manage any print environment with ease, while empowering users to securely print on-demand anywhere, anytime, on any device.

With one PDF-based universal printer driver, one centralized web-based management console and one virtual print queue, the solution is the only solution you need.

Seamless Deployment & Management

  • Print Vendor Agnostic
  • Cloud, On-premises, Hybrid Ready
  • VDI, WVD, VMware, Citrix, RDS Ready

Highly Secure

  • 256-bit end-to-end PDF Encryption
  • Two Factor Authentication When Releasing Print Jobs
  • PDF Document Archiving & User Analytics


  • Mobile Printing from any device including Android, iOS, Chromebook
  • Self-service user portal

Guaranteed ROI

  • Save on Print-related Costs by up to 35%
  • Reduce Print-related Helpdesk Calls by up to 75%




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