Vendor Overview

tenfold ensures your users can always access the data they need, and nothing else. As the leading access management solution for mid-market businesses, tenfold combines a comprehensive IAM features with a quick and easy setup and powerful, out-of-the-box plugins for Active Directory, Microsoft 365 and many third-party systems.

Save valuable time and money by automating routine tasks like user provisioning, department changes or account deactivation. Always know who has access to what thanks to detailed reporting and regular access reviews, helping you enforce least privilege access and keep your data safe.

Advantages of tenfold

  • Productivity: Automatic user management means less work for your admins and faster access for your users.
  • Security: Role-based access control and regular access reviews mitigate the risk of leaks and data breaches.
  • Compliance: Centralized reporting and change tracking makes it easy to prove and maintain compliance.


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Why Choose tenfold

Why Choose tenfold

The modern, digital workplace grows more complex every year. With hundreds of users and dozens of different services to keep track of, organizations are faced with the challenge of providing seamless access to their employees while keeping company data safe and meeting increasingly strict legal requirements for privacy and security.

To reconcile these conflicting needs, businesses need a way to reduce the time and effort spent on manual access management. tenfold IAM does just that by providing a central hub that allows you to keep track of access rights across all systems and automate key tasks like user provisioning and de-provisioning, self-service access requests and periodic reviews.

Efficient User Management

To streamline permission management, tenfold uses an approach known as role-based access control. By defining default permissions for different positions, offices and departments, tenfold grants each user the right level of access for their current role. The necessary changes are carried out automatically in the background.

Additional access rights can be requested through a user-friendly self-service platform, with customizable workflows that allow you to choose who should be in charge of controlling access to any given resource. The self-service platform also covers common helpdesk requests like the ability to reset your AD password. All requests, approvals and changes are fully documented for later review.

Keeping Data Safe

By restricting access to a necessary minimum, tenfold reduces the risk of data breaches, whether by insider threats or hackers taking over company accounts. Eliminating inactive and unnecessary accounts reduces your attack surface even further, making sure your data stays in the right hands.

Compliance Made Easy

By helping you limit and document access to sensitive data, tenfold plays an important role in achieving compliance with common cybersecurity standards. Access control and least privilege access are required by the GDPR, SOX, HIPAA and ISO 27001, among many others.

Additionally, tenfold’s detailed reporting and tamper-proof logs make it easy to prepare for your next compliance audit!