Short Profile - Quest Overview

From the unconventional startup company in the PC market to the world's leading technology provider.

Quest is a leading provider of enterprise systems management solutions, delivering innovative products that help businesses achieve better performance and productivity across their applications, databases, Windows infrastructures, and virtual environments.

Quest software solutions simplify IT operations across more than 100,000 organizations worldwide. They provide solutions that help you gain insight from data, streamline your infrastructure for the cloud, optimize your application experience, and gain control over all devices that connect to your network.

With Quest solutions, you have less time to manage your technologies and spend more time on business innovations.

Microsoft Platform Management

We believe it’s time for a change in how you manage systems and information. Our software solutions simplify IT operations at more than 100,000 organizations worldwide. Rely on us to help you turn data into insights quicker, modernize your infrastructure faster for the cloud, optimize the application experience, and get control of every device that touches your network.

Microsoft Platform Management solutions:

  • Active Administrator
  • Security Explorer
  • Secure Cop
  • Recovery Manager for Active Directory
  • Space Manage
  • Privilege Manage
  • Unified Communication
  • GPOAdmin
  • Enterprise Reporter
  • Migrator for Groupwise
  • Migrator for Sharepoint
  • Asset Manager
  • Active Roles (IAM/MPM)
  • Changebase
  • Coeistence Manager
  • Content Migrator
  • Patch Deployment for DA
  • Change Auditor for Active Directory
  • Change Auditor for Exchange
  • Change Auditor for SharePoint
  • Change Auditor for SQL Server
  • Active Administrator
  • Archive Manager (is part of DP/MPM)
  • Migration Manager for Active Directory
  • Migration Manager for Exchange

Data Protection

Your data is your most important asset. Protect them - with Data Protection (DP)  solutions for comprehensive encryption, advanced authentication, and powerful malware protection.


Data Protection solutions:

  • Netvault Backup
  • Rapid Recovery Manager
  • vRanger
  • Foglight for Virtualization
  • DL 1000 1TB Backup and Recovery Appliance
  • DL 1000 Backup and Recovery Appliance


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Tacyon© QoreStor™

The new backup2disk storage appliance from Novarion© & Quest© is the perfect combination of state-of-the-art hardware from Novarion© and the highly applicable software from Quest©. Tacyon© QoreStor™ wins over customers with its leading enterprise-class features and performance around deduplication and WAN management.

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Endpoint Systems Management

Your precious IT resources and budget shouldn’t be held hostage to manual software management tasks, multiple point solutions that leave critical gaps, or overly complex and expensive software suites. Our easy-to-use, fast-to-implement appliances provide comprehensive endpoint systems Management


Endpoint Systems Management solutions:

  • Kace
  • Desktop Authority

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