Manage feature flags easily with Flagsmith

Deploy to production confidently with feature flags. Flagsmith is an open-source feature flag software that makes it easy to create and manage feature flags across web, mobile, and server-side applications. Continuously deploy new code with less risk, and push features to production that just work.

With Flagsmith you can decouple deploy and release, run canary deployments, A/B test, implement kill switches, and more. Flagsmith offers flexible deployments: Use our hosted service, deploy to your own private cloud, or run on-prem. A hosted API makes deployment easier during development cycles.

Deploy to production confidently with feature flags

Flagsmith lets you manage feature flags and remote config across web, mobile and server-side applications.

Flagsmith combines the concepts of feature toggles with the flexibility of remote config.

Use flags to turn features on and off or create kill switches. Take flag management one step further and configure them for individual segments, users and development environments

Utilize our powerful rules engine to manage your features for the users you wish to target. You can even use segments for staged rollouts or A/B testing.

Product Overview

Feature flags and remote config

  • Wrap a section of code in a flag and toggle the feature on/off in the environments of your choice.
  • Mitigate risk by rolling features out gradually, and get rid of the bottlenecks of cross-dependent projects by pushing code to production when the work is ready.
  • Unlock product teams and other teams by letting them turn features on and off without needing engineering support. This lets teams get features out to customers faster and lets experimentation level up.


  • Segment releases to a percentage of your users for staged rollouts and gradually release features to chosen groups.
  • This lets you run beta tests to get early user feedback, experiment with new features, and target releases based on granular traits.

A/B testing and multivariate testing

  • Run experiments across your user base and evaluate the results in your analytics platform.
  • Flagsmith natively integrates with analytics platforms like Mixpanel and Amplitude so you can create tests in Flagsmith and feed the flag data to your analytics platform to make informed decisions.

Role-based access, change requests and flag security

  • Create and manage feature approval workflows so you can match your approval processes before code gets pushed to production.
  • Schedule flags for time-sensitive releases and to meet compliance requirements.
  • Run audit logs to track flag changes and get more visibility into releases.


Key Features

Open Source

  • Flagsmith is built as an open-source tool. Get started and try it right from the Flagsmith repo.
  • Check the roadmap, contribute to fixes, track changes and issues, and know what’s happening with the platform.

Flexible Deployments

  • Flagsmith offers flexible deployment options for full control over feature flag management.
  • This includes a Flagsmith-hosted SaaS offering, private cloud deployments in any region, or self-hosting on-premises for maximum control and security.


  • Don’t add another decision point to your stack. Instead, integrate feature flag management with the tools your teams already use—behavioural, analytics, observational, CI/CD, etc.
  • Flagsmith offers native integrations to help you release with confidence.

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