Take control of your VMware SDDC & AWS Cloud.

Avoid outages, mitigate risks, be security compliant.

True to the slogan "Keeping VMware® Infrastructures Rock Solid," the VMware-management that Runecast Analyzer provides proactive troubleshooting and security compliance for vSphere®, vSAN™, NSX®, and Horizon® environments.

By automatically and continuously analyzing and auditing against a repository of known issues and best practices, Runecast proactively detects risks in the VMware environment before they lead to downtime or security/compliance violations.


Nicole Fleischmann
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Runecast Analyzer

Runecast proactively detects the sources of problems before they occur, performs the entire cause-analysis and provides the solution to fix them - completely offline!

  •  Runecast continuously scans the VMware Knowledge Base, security standards, best practice guides and social media entries to ensure you have the latest information and solutions to run your infrastructure safely and optimally.
  •  Runecast checks and evaluates vSphere, vSAN, Horizon and NSX environments and alerts you to potentially problematic configurations. It also shows simple steps for troubleshooting to find a quick and effective solution.
  • Runecast monitors logs in real time for patterns described in the VMware Knowledge Base. When a problem is identified, it is displayed along with the appropriate solution to allow the problem to be resolved without delay.


Why your customers should use Runecast?

  • Get real-time information about operations and security
  • Monitor, secure and troubleshoot your virtual infrastructures
  • Gain insights through an advanced analysis platform supported by machine learning
  • Simple OVA deployment allows you to be up and running in minutes
  • Regular updates as new issues or new articles are publlished in the KB
  • Runecast Analyzer is used by IT and security teams around the world and by customers of all sizes in VMware environments.