The kiosk software for unattended service

PROVISIO (Latin: "for sight") was founded in 1996 and has been developing software for kiosks and self-service terminals for over 15 years.

Currently, PROVISIO consists of a team of 25 employees in Germany and the United States, including 14 developers and 2 graphic designers.

The PROVISIO team has extensive experience in handling kiosk system and self-service projects. Each year, they complete 3 to 5 projects, each involving more than 1,000 terminals.

Their tasks related to these projects often include the realization of the entire screen design and graphical user interface, including interaction with the user as well as database implementation and programming logic.

Product Management

Tim Joosten
Tel: +49 641 9392 8010

Alternative Contact (Switchboard)

Tel: +49 89 416148 210


SiteKiosk for Kiosk Systems

The software solution for anyone who wants to operate a PC or Internet terminal unattended in public, either for free or for a fee.

SiteRemote Server

SiteRemote is a software solution for monitoring and remote maintenance of computers running SiteKiosk Windows and SiteKiosk Android. It allows you to install and operate your own SiteRemote server against payment of a one-time license fee.

Digital Signage Display

Digital signage displays show people passing by product information, news and much more and have become an indispensable part of retail spaces and public places.