Short summary

TeamViewer is a remote maintenance software for screen sharing, video conferencing, file transfer and VPN. The software works as an online service through firewalls and NAT as well as proxy servers. Unlike usually on the market, TeamViewer combines the use cases spontaneous support, server administration, home office, presentations, meetings, trainings and teamwork in a single software.


General functions

  • One complete solution for all cases: One and the same software for support, administration, meetings, presentations, teamwork, home office and training purposes in real time
  • For Windows-, Mac-, Linux-, iOS- and Android-Systeme, incl. Cross-Plattform connections
  • Works through firewalls and proxy servers without configuration
  • Easily manage your connection partners from your Computers & Contacts list with simple 1-click connectivity
  • Presence indicator in the Computers & Contacts list shows which computers and contacts are currently online and reachable
  • Instant messaging functionality in the Computers & Contacts list - including group chat and offline messages
  • Terminal server support

Costs/ Licensing modell

  • With one license your customers can support any number of customer computers or servers.
    There are no costs for hosts
  • Only one side of a connection needs a license, i.e. for the home office use case you can access the licensed office computer from any computer
  • Subscription license model: Within the license period your customers receive all updates & patches free of charge and are thus always up to date
  • Free telephone support for license holders

Why TeamViewer convinces

  • Has been activated on over 2.5 billion devices
  • More than 30,000 downloads per hour
  • Records more than 20 million devices online simultaneously at any given time
  • Speaks with 40 languages available also your language 

TeamViewer Tensor

Fully secured, extremely fast remote access within each user's access rights.

TeamViewer Tensor™ gives you the ability to assign the appropriate user rights to your employees. This way, you ensure that each user can always connect securely to their workstation, no matter from which device.

With cross-platform support for macOS, Linux, and multiple versions of Windows (including older versions of Windows XP and more), TeamViewer Tensor™ gives your large enterprise the flexibility to allow your employees to work remotely: no matter where, no matter with what device, no matter which operating system.

Reduce employee frustration by resolving their IT issues faster.

With TeamViewer Tensor™ as a part of your employees' internal help desk, you can resolve IT issues remotely so your teams can be productive wherever they work. With secure connections around the clock, even with low bandwidth.

Manage servers around the world, no matter where you are.
A secure, reliable and fast connection.

Network administrators who need to update and maintain their servers can rely on TeamViewer Tensor™ to keep their network running trouble-free. With end-to-end encryption, TeamViewer Tensor™ gives you fast, secure and convenient remote access from your office, home or even on the go with the mobile app.

Administrators can store all servers in the TeamViewer Tensor™ interface for direct access. Manage all servers as if you were on-site in the server room.

TeamViewer Assist AR - Augmented Reality in Ihrem Arbeitsalltag

Get help immediately

One of your machines suddenly stops working. This is a critical moment for your business and you need help on the spot, right at this moment. With TeamViewer Pilot you can quickly reach an expert, show him the problem with your smartphone's camera and let him guide you to the solution.

Increase accessibility

Your customer's car broke down and they're miles away from your auto repair shop. With TeamViewer Pilot, you can provide support no matter how far away you are: Simply connect to the TeamViewer Pilot app, look at the engine through the smartphone camera, and guide your customer to problem resolution as if you were there.

Your benefits

  • Solve problems efficiently.
    Reduce downtime and errors. Enable your service technicians and customers to get direct support from experts via audio and interactive video.
  • Improve processes.
    Impart knowledge for technical repairs and maintenance or give approvals for inspections from a central location instead of an on-site visit.
  • Comply with security standards.
    Within TeamViewer's secure global network, all remote connections are secured by RSA Public/Private Key Exchange and AES (256-bit) session encryption.

TeamViewer Engage

Next generation customer interaction

With scalable cloud or on-premises deployment options, integration for single sign-on (SSO), and advanced security features, TeamViewer Engage is ready for your business. Manage TeamViewer Engage users with your existing SSO or roles and rights management and ensure auditability of every customer interaction.

TeamViewer Engage is GDPR compliant and allows you to securely interact with customers via digital channels.

  • Proactively engage customers on your website, provide instant help with chatbots, and seamlessly transition to live chat support agents.
  • Guide customers to solutions faster with video chat and co-browsing.
  • Use document co-browsing to edit documents live with your contact person, and eSignature even lets you complete signatures digitally.

Feature Highlights:

  • Co-Browsing: Co-browsing improves communication between customer and support agents through advanced screen sharing technology. Use TeamViewer Engage to interact with customers on any device and in any browser - without downloads or installation.
  • Chatbots: Create automated chat dialogs to qualify leads or answer frequently asked questions. If a question is too complex for the chatbot, one of your employees is notified and can seamlessly continue the conversation via live chat.
  • Livechat: Send links, documents, photos, or other files through live chat. Integrate the chat into your website to attract more customers and provide personalized support. Increase your team's efficiency with features like chatbot flows or text templates.
  • Videochat: Offer your customers a more personalized experience through video chat. Use video chat to consult, sell, provide technical support, or conduct guided tours. Integrate video chat on the website, customer portal, or your mobile app.
  • eSignature: Together with Document Co-Browsing, the legally binding eSignature feature makes your quotes, forms, and documents interactive. Make it faster and easier to sign documents without having to invest in additional software.
  • Appointment management: Manage your appointments easily with TeamViewer Engage. Synchronize all appointments with your favorite calendar software. Send appointment invitations via email or let the Appointment Booker book customers a suitable appointment in your calendar on their own.


TeamViewer IoT

TeamViewer IoT connects your manufacturing and production - securely, quickly and across locations. Start now with data-driven optimization of your production processes. Thanks to a user-friendly cloud dashboard, a rule engine and fully documented APIs, companies from different industries can realize IoT use cases with high value creation potential with TeamViewer IoT.

Advantages of IoT

  • Direct connection to engineering
  • Faster business development and time to market
  • Early access to the monitoring & control solutions
  • Connection via our secure Global Access Network

Selected industrial applications

  • IoT for utilities
  • IoT for buildings and infrastructure
  • IoT for logistics and transportation
  • IoT for manufacturing companies

TeamViewer Classroom

TeamViewer Classroom is a  platform for schools and universities during distance learning. With intuitive, easy-to-use technology, Classroom creates a collaborative and modern learning experience in a digital or hybrid learning environment.

  • Video conferencing including breakout rooms
  • Chat & Shared Notes
  • Interactive collaboration on documents
  • Whiteboard
  • Surveys

Classroom is developed by TeamViewer, making it highly customizable and flexible. TeamViewer Classroom can be easily integrated into existing platforms, enables barrier-free use as a web-based solution and supports the most important browsers and devices.

Remote Management


Set up individual checks that inform you specifically about e.g. hard disk status, memory usage and the online status of a computer. TeamViewer Monitoring allows you to monitor critical aspects of your systems from a central location..

Asset Management

With TeamViewer Asset Management, you can generate comprehensive reports about your deployed hardware and software with just a few clicks. Check, in which versions a software is available, when it was installed or modified.

Endpoint Protection

Keep your systems clean. TeamViewer Endpoint Protection protects your devices from malware such as viruses, ransomware, Trojans and rootkits. Permanently, on and offline. Create customized Endpoint Protection policies for individual computers or groups by defining the timing, scope and path range of your scans.


TeamViewer Backup is your straightforward and reliable solution for backing up endpoint data. In just a few moments you have TeamViewer Backup rolled out and activated - remotely, of course.