Monitor everything with Paessler

Paessler has developed PRTG, a monitoring solution that helps IT professionals monitor their entire infrastructure around the clock.


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What are the advantages of PRTG?

  • Monitor all systems, devices, traffic and applications of your IT infrastructure.
  • PRTG can already do everything, which means no add-ons or additional plugins and no hidden costs.
  • PRTG is a powerful and easy-to-use monitoring solution. For companies of all types and sizes.


Integrated technologies

PRTG gives you more control and overview of your IT systems.

Alle wichtigen Technologien werden unterstützt:

  • SNMP: Preconfigured and individual options
  • WMI and Windows Performance Counters
  • SSH: For Linux/Unix and MacOS systems
  • Traffic analysis thanks to flow protocols or packet sniffin
  • HTTP requests
  • REST APIs for XML or JSON
  • Ping, SQL and much more


Maps and Dashboards

Intuitive monitoring that's easy to use:

Visualize your IT systems via real-time overview maps
with live status information.

Create dashboards with the PRTG Map Designer and integrate all your network components with more than 300 different map objects - from device and status displays to traffic charts and top lists

Customize your map with user-defined HTML elements. Share the URL of your map with others, either publicly or internally over your LAN.


Flexible Alarm

PRTG alerts you when problems or unusual values are detected.

PRTG can automatically send alerts when problems or unusual values are detected.

For this purpose, PRTG offers a wide variety of notification methods - such as email, push messages or HTTP requests. Thanks to the free apps for Android and iOS, you can also receive push notifications directly to your smartphone.

Customize notifications to your needs, create schedules for alerts (such as "no low-priority alerts at night"), and avoid message floods by using dependencies.

You can even create your own notifications using Paessler's PRTG API.

Further Information

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