Office 365-Management made easy

AdminDroid is one of the leading providers of Office 365-Solutions with the goal of developing user-friendly and astute IT-Products.

The main product AdminDroid 365 reporter tool provides more than 600 Office 365 statistics and audit reports including features such as report customization, timing, Dashboards, etc.

Furthermore AdminDroid grants you an insight into your current SharePoint-Setup, permissions, collaboration invitations, and Document library permissions.


Why you should choose AdminDroid!

  • Diverse Reporting-features

Augmented Reporting features like timing, export, customizable reports, augmented filters, etc.

  • A tool just in case

A singular tool for the management of all your Office 365 infrastructure

  • Delegate to non-admins

Grant non-admins permission to review reports and statistics

  • Easy setup

Easy to set up. No precondition for the installation. No maintenance, since the product updates itself to the latest version automatically.

  • No maintenance

The built-in Update-mechanism constantly checks if the product uses the latest safety standards and has the newest features


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