Take back control

The self-hosted Productivity Platform that lets you keep control


Share and alter documents, send and receive emails, manage your calendar, and host video chats without data loss.

Nextcloud Hub provides an all-in-one solution with the benefits of online collaboration without compliance- or security risks due to the German federal government’s preference for open-source solutions that enable on-premises-hosting under your control since 2018.

Let yourself be introduced to the specialties of Nextcloud 22 in this little  Video presentation!

Product Manager

Markus Sixt
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Nextcloud Hub

Nextcloud Hub is the first fully integrated local collaboration platform on the market and is targeting a new generation of users who expect a seamless cross-functional feature for online collaboration.

 Hub comes with the 3 most important Nextcloud-product files, Talk, and Groupware in one collective platform and thus optimizes workflow. Eliminate the confusing collection of SaaS-Tools and their compliance-, safety-, expense-, and productivity problems and standardize on one single solution with Nextcloud Hub.

Nextcloud Files

Nextcloud Files gives back control over their data to corporations. Manage the access to data across several devices and platforms, on-premises, to pre-existing local or cloud storage. Communicate via safe audio and video conferences and use the file sharing and collaboration features, well knowing that your privacy is secured. Nextcloud can be integrated deeply into your infrastructure and provides the needed expansion opportunities and features, together with logging and detailed control over file access and communication that is required in regulated industries.

Nextcloud Talk

Nextcloud Talk is an on-premises audio/video and chat communication service. Nextcloud Talk can be accessed in your browser as well as in mobile applications and unites high safety standards with usability. Nextcloud Talk secures your communication better than other team collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams or Slack and ensures that your data stays on your server. Nextcloud Talk goes one step further than other communication technologies by securing even your metadata. This ensures that you keep full control over your data.

Nextcloud Groupware

Nextcloud groupware presents an intuitive solution for collaboration in teams by providing mail, a calendar, a deck, and a contact manager.

Due to a modern web interface and integration for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Outlook, and Thunderbird, Nextcloud Groupware is accessible across all platforms. Nextcloud Groupware is easy to implement and configure and uses the existing IT investions.

Nextcloud Enterprise

Nextcloud Enterprise provides professional Corporation Software optimized and tested for critical environments.

Nextcloud Enterprise provides:


  • Additional testing and quality assurance
  • Early fixing of critical errors and Hotfixes
  • Upgrade-Standby: We help you to achieve seamless Upgrades
  • Support directly by our engineers
  • Your own Support-Account-Manager
  • SLA for Corporations up to 24/7
  • Up to 5-10 Years long time support for stable Nextcloud-Releases


  • Early safety patches
  • Safety features and durability for corporations
  • Early notifications concerning critical safety problems
  • Proactive safety consulting to check and secure your instance


  • Complete Proof-of-concept-Set with support from our Experts for the integration of Nextcloud into your infrastructure
  • Migration support: we help you with the migration from your previous solution to Nextcloud
  • Access to corporation documents and knowledge database
  • Access to expertise on scaling, safety, and Best Practices
  • Access to optional Workshops and Training



Deep integration in preexisting infrastructure: Nextcloud provides LDAP/Active Directory, SAML, and Kerberos authentication. It accesses data via NFS, (s)FTP, WebDAV, Windows Network Drive, Object Stores like e.g. SWIFT, and many more.

Monitoring and compliance. Nextcloud provides comprehensive Surveillance- and Compliance features in sensitive corporations. Data localization, -storing, and -access can be controlled and logged.

Safety features protect your data. Nextcloud supports two-factor-Authentication and server-side encryption and is equipped with protection against Brute-Force-attacks and safety standards like CPs, SSC password- and Session Management

Your IT keeps full control. The file access control app makes it easy for administrators to set access regulations based on location, group membership, data type, tags, and other file properties.

Easy access for users. Users can access the data in your Nextcloud and share it via synchronized applications for windows, Linux, and Mac as well as Android and iOS, no matter where the data is stored

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