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Typically, the purchasing of non-focus products is characterized by a high level of legal and economic complexity, as there is a large number of suppliers that need to be managed. The search for vendors and sources of supply is costly and time-consuming, while new vendors have to be added in a structured and secure manner within a short period of time. Instead of devoting time to customers, sales staff have to spend a lot of time finding suppliers and obtaining quotes.

License and delivery conditions require time-consuming reading. It is not uncommon for multidimensional projects to arise from the combination of hardware, software and services, the management of which requires a high level of personnel input.

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Key Facts:

Key Facts

Your benefit: We consolidate your supply chain and make your purchasing more cost-effective!

We draw on a global network of more than 2,500 suppliers and over 7,500 manufacturers.


Faster response time improves your service level to your customers. You can very easily create structured quotations with all relevant information, as the effort to gather the information is greatly reduced. Due to agreed cost markups and an open-book policy, complete cost transparency is ensured. We pave the way to increased efficiency and risk reduction. In this context, a low error rate and operational excellence in an environment of many different manufacturers and suppliers is particularly important to us. In addition, a fast and structured onboarding of new manufacturers via a central supplier is feasible. You will be assigned a dedicated contact person for your day-to-day business, which simplifies the cooperation and thus establishes "fast ways" for you. With centralized purchasing through us, no prepayment, credit card or other payment methods are required. You pay by invoice with a single supplier address. We provide you with a dedicated renewal and maintenance team that ensures timely quotes through a structured submission process.


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