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As workplaces are now almost fully digitized and remote workforces continue to grow, secure collaboration from anywhere, at any time, is a business imperative. FileCloud provides global enterprises with a Content Collaboration Platform (CCP) that thoroughly addresses today's complex security landscape.

The FileCloud team is aware of the often complicated balancing act between privacy requirements and operational risk management. Accordingly, the FileCloud solution is designed with the flexibility to address these needs by allowing full integration into any SaaS platform or overall infrastructure through its adaptable APIs and customization capabilities.

FileCloud provides for comprehensive integration with enterprise branding. This means enterprises can seamlessly leverage the hyper-secure features built into FileCloud, such as:

  • Zero Trust File SharingSM capability
  • Ransomware protection through a heuristic content scanning engine
  • Detailed audit logs
  • Automation of compliance with privacy regulations through metadata management, Data Leak Prevention, file retention policies, and granular access permissions
  • Content classification and version control
  • Multi-tenant capabilities out-of-the-box for easy adherence to data residency regulations

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Control Over Your Documentation

Much business data that requires collaboration is unstructured data. It is shared and edited by staff through separate solutions that cannot integrate with SaaS platforms used in daily operations. FileCloud enables enterprises to use a single point of access for multiple operations, dramatically reducing the risks associated with dispersing data across multiple apps.  Built-in features include:

  • Data Leak Prevention
    If a user loses a mobile device, your admin can block the device and remotely wipe data from it, ensuring confidential files are protected.

  • Analytics and Reports
    You can track data through the FileCloud business intelligence layer, gaining information on usage trends, user access by geography, storage use, and content mix.

  • Settings and Workflows
    Custom workflows, policies, and settings allow you to manage all areas of the user experience.

Smart Content Classification to Protect Sensitive Data

FileCloud's Smart Classification engine can sort enterprise content into categories in minutes. You can find personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data covered by regulations quickly using federated search. FileCloud also has built-in search patterns to identify PII. You can also create custom search patterns and metadata sets for specific business purposes.

These classification capabilities combine with our Data Leak Prevention (DLP) feature to provide powerful compliance with regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, and ITAR. This safeguards enterprises from hefty non-compliance penalties. 

For an added layer of security, FileCloud has in-built advanced security analytics to alert authorized users about any suspicious activity related to the sensitive data covered by smart content classification rules.

Compliance Center

The FileCloud Compliance Center complements the content classification options by allowing administrators to seamlessly navigate complex regulations. It simplifies adherence to the GDPR, HIPAA, ITAR, and other regulations by mapping requirements to the relevant FileCloud configurations and features.  With a few simple clicks, you can save valuable company time and effort by following built-in suggestions for each regulatory requirement.

The Compliance Center also allows users to:

  • Export settings for compliance policies
  • Generate reports on violations to quickly address problems
  • Save event logs for governance purposes for quick and easy reporting

Workflow Automation

FileCloud allows you to create and share custom workflows for teams to reduce error and make high-volume tasks easier to accomplish. You can automate review processes and the sending of messages without using code. Users can view the status of tasks in real time using a dashboard that displays workflows, providing complete transparency.

The sending of notification emails can also be automated, allowing staff to focus on business-critical projects. This feature improves both the speed and compliance of many business processes.

Flexible Deployment Options

FileCloud's high-availability architecture creates value by offering a quickly deployable platform for on-premises or private cloud infrastructures. This provides enterprises with optimum control over sensitive data. Enterprises can also choose FileCloud as a fully managed, hosted solution in a geographical region of their choice on AWS.

With FileCloud, you can easily transform your infrastructure in a secure file-sharing platform. This provides workforces with a seamless remote experience with no compromise on security. This significantly eases the burdens associated with cloud migration and security, as well as providing resilience against security threats. As an added bonus, there is no limit to the number of external user accounts.

Recent Awards

  • In 2023, FileCloud received the Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice Distinction for the fifth consecutive year, with 92% of our customers saying they would recommend us to a friend.
  • In the G2 Winter 2022 Grid® Reports, FileCloud won badges in both the Enterprise Content Management and Cloud Content Collaboration categories.
  • FileCloud has been placed on the G2 list of the top 50 Best Content Management Products for 2023, based on verified customer reviews on the G2 website.

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