JAM Software: Innovation in IT management for a more efficient future

JAM Software is a German software company specialising in the development of powerful and user-friendly solutions for the management of data and resources. Founded in 1997, the company has developed into a leading provider of software products that help companies and private users to manage their IT infrastructures more efficiently. With a broad product portfolio ranging from hard drive analysis tools to network management software, JAM Software has earned a reputation for quality and reliability. Their products are designed to increase productivity, optimise resource consumption and simplify overall IT management.

File & Disk Space Management


Automated scans and reporting for your server disks? With this powerful database-driven disk space manager, you can efficiently clean up your server and disks and access the scan results remotely.


Over 100,000 customers can't be wrong. The proven storage space manager for your hard disk tells you exactly where the valuable storage space has gone and searches specifically for superfluous files.

UltraSearch Professional

Tired of long waiting times when searching for files? Try the solution for ultra-fast and efficient file search. Search all local drives, your network drives and even USB sticks and SD cards.

Product Manager

Torsten Meyer
   +49 40 519 077 12



   +49 89 416 148 210

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Mail Server & Security


SmartPOP2Exchange offers reliable spam and virus protection, a comprehensive rule system and automatic backup. A feature-rich, easy-to-use POP3 / IMAP connector for any SMTP server!

Exchange Server Toolbox

Are you looking for a powerful plugin for Microsoft Exchange Server? Exchange Server Toolbox offers proven spam and virus protection through integrated SpamAssassin and ClamAV, a flexible rule set and automatic email backup.

SpamAssassin in a Box

An extremely efficient spam filter for Windows that you can conveniently control directly from the service control panel? SpamAssassin in a Box combines a powerful spam email filter with maximum efficiency and optimal stability of a Windows system service.

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Banking Software


Are you looking for a professional and secure solution for creating SEPA credit transfers and SEPA direct debits in all SEPA participating countries? SEPA Transfer handles all your financial transactions quickly and securely.

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Developer Components

ShellBrowser Delphi

Easy access to Windows Shell functionality for Delphi applications? Try the ShellBrowser Delphi components to get the real look and feel of Windows Explorer!

ShellBrowser .NET

Do you want to integrate Explorer functions into your .NET solution or create your own Explorer? Use the ShellBrowser .NET components that look and behave exactly like Windows Explorer!

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