Create your Lansweeper inventory and manage your IT, OT and IoT assets in one centralized platform

IT management has never been more challenging.
Hardware, software and users can be anywhere, anytime, making IT environments extremely dynamic and often complex. A seemingly simple question has become terribly difficult to answer: "Who is using what?". This question inspired Lansweeper and continues to drive it today.

Asset discovery

Enable your costumers to easily find all assets on all devices in their network without installing software on all of them. They can automate the discovery of your assets with IT Asset Discovery, which does the work for them. The software captures devices running Windows, Linux, Mac, as well as printers, virtual computers, ports, mobile devices and more.

Asset inventory

Let your customers consolidate all of their assets into one centralized inventory and to stay on top of increasingly complex structures in the IT landscape. Let them define what, when and how to scan and get an overview of their IT network, cloud or virtual machines.


Thanks to Lansweeper, your customers can keep an eye on all details of their assets and find specific details and sort their inventory according to their specific needs. They can create their own report or choose from hundreds of predefined reports.

Security insights

Finding vulnerabilities and keeping track of all assets: Lansweeper lets your customers monitor the support status of products and detect early when active support for assets and operating systems ends.  They can quickly detect unusual device behavior and protect against attacks on the corporate network.


Let them visualize their inventory with Lansweeper's dynamically generated diagrams and allow them to see relationships between different assets.

Powerful Integrations

The Lansweeper platform offers easy integrations with other systems. Discover all integrations


Compare Plans

Starter Pro Enterprise
Federated Installs Up to 3 installations Up to 5 installations More than 5 installations
Cloud Discovery – Cloudockit License Complimentary Cloudockit License Complimentary Cloudockit License Complimentary Cloudockit License
IT - IOT Discovery Yes Yes Yes
OT Discovery No Yes Yes
Normalization Yes Yes Yes
Vulnerability Insights No Yes Yes
Lifecycle Insights No Yes Yes
Diagrams Yes Yes Yes
Documentation Up to 5Mb per asset Up to 15Mb per asset Up to 30Mb per asset
Integration Starter Apps Pro Apps Enterprise Apps
Asset Scopes 3 10 >10
SSO No Yes Yes
MFA Yes Yes Yes
Support Desk Starter Support Pro Support Enterprise Support
Success Manager No No Yes
Lansweeper Concierge No No Add-on


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