Contextual Security to protect your digital workspace

Digital workspaces can only be secure with the complete set of contextual information

With users working from any device and any location, a secure workspace is only possible by bringing together and keeping up-to-date all the contextual information. A powerful set of real-time actions ensures that the digital workspace is always secure. By bringing together the rich set of contextual information with a powerful set of real-time actions, smart decisions can be made to secure the digital workspace.

deviceTRUST can be implemented on local devices, as well as in remoting scenarios. Any information can be gathered and any control can be executed in both scenarios – to support your individual type of digital workspace.

deviceTRUST is strictly “software only”. Our whole solution consists of three software components with no requirements for databases, firewalls or any other added infrastructure.

deviceTRUST allows full control of the data that is collected. You can choose to gather every single value as well as you can prevent so. In the same manner, you can control if data is stored, if so, where and for which purpose.


With our Active Directory integration, we can get all the properties you require to describe your users – Names, Groups, Descriptions – any field, any information – and add them to your context.


deviceTRUST gives deep insight into the device’s network connection. A device might have to be treated differently depending upon whether it is connected to your internal or an external, untrusted network, or even on its Wi-Fi state.

Compliance State

deviceTRUST makes it possible to define the compliance state of the device using various properties. These include, for example, the status of the antivirus and firewall security programs used, as well as the update status of the operating system.


With deviceTRUST the location of the user’s device can be determined. This starts with the country of origin and can, if required, go as far as the street and house number.

Endpoint State

Information about the user’s device is key to our approach. deviceTRUST can evaluate up to 400 different properties from your devices. Whatever information you need to know about your users and devices, we are sure we can provide.

Additional Sources

deviceTRUST provides a multi-functional scripting engine. Use PowerShell, VBScript or Batch scripts to get data from sources such as text files or databases.

A dynamic, mobile and secure workplace

Keep your existing user authentication

deviceTRUST does not alter your existing authentication methods. All Context information is gathered and all actions are executed after the user logged in. This way we add the power of the Context to your existing, role based concept.


Independent from role-based access concepts

You might already have your role-based access solution in place. That’s fine – we’re not going to tamper with it! deviceTRUST extends your existing solutions, adds the power of the Context and supports you with an enhanced and more granular way of controlling access.

Works without endpoint management

deviceTRUST does not require any endpoint management features at all. We do however support installing our software via your endpoint management system. deviceTRUST is simple, consistent and fully independent.


Use of existing access technologies

All communication between the deviceTRUST components happens inside your existing environment. There is no need for additional gateways, open ports or firewall adjustments. This way, we adapt to your environment easily and are prepared for any migration plans you might have.

Software only - No additional infrastructure required

deviceTRUST is and will always be a software only product. There is no need for any additional infrastructure or changes to your existing IT landscape. Install the software, configure your Contexts and Actions and you’re good to go! To reach this goal, we integrate into existing management tools and communicate via existing protocols.

On-Premises, Cloud or Hybrid Environments

With our protocol and infrastructure independent approach, we make sure to support all your environments. No matter if you choose on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments or want to migrate between the scenarios. deviceTRUST will follow your choice without requiring any additional configuration.

Supported platforms

In the end user computing environment, deviceTRUST is suitable for customers of all sizes and in any industry who are using or planning to use one of the following technologies:

  • Amazon AWS WorkSpaces
  • Citrix Cloud
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
  • IGEL Workspace Edition
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory
    joined Devices
  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop
    (AVD, ehemals „WVD“)
  • VMware Horizon View

This means that deviceTRUST can be used across platforms and is future-proof for customers.



Benefits of business

  • Provision of home offices / home offices
  • Implementation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs
  • Access for external partners
  • Increasing user acceptance and user satisfaction
  • Reduction of costs and complexity
  • Flexible & attractive license model on a subscription basis
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)
  • Entspring compliance with data protection and GDPR requirements

Use cases + Case studies

Use Cases

Check out the following use cases and see how deviceTRUST's contextual security solution can be used to easily enable business requirements without compromising security, compliance and regulatory requirements.

Find out more in our Use Case Catalogue:


Die Anwendungsbereiche von deviceTRUST sind vielfältig. Über die folgenden Links gelangen Sie zu weiteren Use Cases:


Case Studies

Take a look at the following case studies and see how deviceTRUST's contextual security solutions are used in real-life application examples.


Deutsche Bahn

deviceTRUST’s contextual platform helps DB Systel to ensure that Deutsche Bahn users have secure access to their digital workplace, irrespective of location, time, device and network. At the same time, DB Systel is provided with all the information and control options needed to adhere to compliance guidelines and regulatory requirements.

KKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse

deviceTRUST is leading KKH toward its goal of making digital workplaces and home offices (remote work) as secure as possible while ensuring ease of use.