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Prianto are delighted to enter into a distribution agreement with Heimdal Security to cover the UK and Canadian markets. Heimdal are looking to further develop their VAR partner network within the SME security channels. Heimdal feel that Prianto are positioned well to help them achieve these goals and thus further grow there market share.


Heimdals product portfolio covers 4 “pillars” from a security perspective :

  • Unique Threat Prevention
  • Remediation
  • Privilege Access Management
  • Email Security

Thor Foresight

Heimdal’s core product is called Thor Foresight. It sits within the Unique Threat Prevention Category. Thor Foresight is fully complimentary to your current AV / Next Gen Security offerings and adds a proactive layer of security to your customers to help prevent Next Gen malware attacks. Their threat intelligence is Infrastructure based and is endorsed by the FBI and by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, in addition to the threat intelligence, also are the market leader in automated patch management. Thor Foresight will patch 3rd party applications and Microsoft updates automatically and directly to the end point – thus ensuring your clients are free from the risk of exploit kits.

In terms of target markets, Heimdal have good reference sites from Education, Law, County Councils and more. Average deal size that Heimdals lead Gen team are hunting would be between 250 – 500 seats (often above) which would see and end user cost at around 7000 - 12000 CAD for an annual subscription and our partner program can provide margins from 25% standard to 34% for Platinum partners.



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