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The products of the US vendor SmartBear are the preferred software tools for software developers, IT experts and quality assurance. They are currently used by more than 2 million software professionals and by over 25,000 organizations in 90 countries.

The user-focused application management solutions support the key processes of software development, testing, API readability and application performance management for desktops, web and mobile platforms.


SoapUI Pro und Ready! API SoapUI NG Pro:

SmartBear compares its current product Ready! API SoapUI in its multifunctionality with the functionality of a Swiss Army knife. When testing APIs, you can't go wrong with SoapUI Pro, which is universally recognized as the leading API testing tool on the market. SoapUI Pro is packed with advanced technologies and features not found in other web services testing tools.

Your customers don't need to be advanced users to use SoapUI - SmartBear has set up "ease-of-use" features such as API discovery, recording, and point-and-click functionality to support both "novice" and experienced API testers.

Whether REST, SOAP, or other common API and IoT-protocols, SoapUI Pro helps your customers perform comprehensive functional testing using open-core technologies. This is done from day one, so your customers can be sure that the APIs are working.



Before publishing an API, it is important to know if it will stand the load, because an API that is too slow can overshadow the user experience. For this purpose SmartBear has developed LoadUI Pro. This tool enables you/your customers to perform load tests for your API, and also enables functional testing. The software is based on the open-source API testing tool SoapUI and thus accelerates the provision of web services.


ServiceV Pro:

ServiceV Pro helps you to always be one step ahead in the rapidly developing software market. When it comes to bringing new software to market, time is often a critical factor. It is important to bring high quality applications to market as quickly as possible in order to gain a market advantage. This is where the SmartBear solution ServiceV Pro helps you. By accelerating release cycles, integrating and isolating tests, reducing database dependencies and bypassing third-party downtime, ServiceV Pro enables you to release outstanding applications as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


Ready! API TestServer:

Ready! API TestServer enables your customers to automate API testing without leaving the IDE they are used to. A simple procedure for API testing is especially important for technical experts, because a fast and accurate proof of correctness of APIs is essential to enable the rapid development of these. Ready! API TestServer allows you to write, test and execute in your familiar IDE. This saves your customers from having to learn how to use graphical tools.


Alert Site:

APIs must work seamlessly to deliver high-quality web, mobile and SaaS applications. SmartBear Alert Site helps to monitor internal and external APIs to ensure that they are running smoothly. It allows you to monitor complex API transactions or run existing SoapUI tests.

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