Short Profile

FirstWave Cloud Technology Ltd are a global cyber security company, which has been delivering Cybersecurity-as-a-service solutions to the market since 2004.

At the heart of FirstWave is our unique and proprietary technology – the Cloud Content Security Platform (CCSP). The cloud platform enables our service provider partners to deliver a comprehensive range of security services to their customers from a single platform ‘as-a-Service’. This provides economies-of-scale and efficiencies that enable the provision of a range of security services typically only affordable by very large customers with dedicated cybersecurity resources. We refer to this as “democratising enterprise-grade cyber security-as-a-service”.

FirstWave solves two critical problems:

For Service Providers: how to meet increasing demand for affordable, effective and easy to implement cyber- security and create new, profitable, revenue streams, and

For end-user customers: minimising business risk associated with ever-increasing cyber-crime with affordable, enterprise quality solutions.