Create your central IT inventory

IT management has never been more challenging.
Hardware, software and users can be anywhere, anytime, making IT environments extremely dynamic and often complex. A seemingly simple question has become terribly difficult to answer: "Who is using what?". This question inspired Lansweeper and continues to drive it today.


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IT Asset-Inventory

Automatically collect comprehensive hardware, software and user information from all IT assets to create your network inventory.

Hardware inventory

Create a comprehensive hardware inventory from scratch. Lansweeper scans your entire network to collect information about computers and their hardware components.

Software inventory

Automatically scan software on Windows, Linux and Mac devices and get a complete software inventory and license assessment of your IT environment.

User inventory

Get a complete overview of all users in your IT environment. Get a complete view of local users, AD users, and assets they relate to.


IT Analytics

Take advantage of full visibility and gain unprecedented insight into your environment.

Visualize your collected data

Easily visualize and analyze all the data you collect using IT dashboards and widgets. Create dashboards for specific use cases such as hardware, software, security, vulnerabilities, and more. Utilize a variety of widgets for charts, overviews, data reports, and more to create your perfect dashboard. Instead of navigating to multiple pages and comparing results or data individually, compare or analyze data in one simple summary. Use IT dashboards to quickly get the most relevant information and never be out of the loop.

Insights into your IT environment

Use the combination of dashboard and detailed reports to get complete transparency into your IT environment. Utilize custom reports from Lansweeper or other customers to gain further insight into patch status , vulnerability exposure, security compliance and more. The combination of dashboards and IT reports provides the best of both worlds, easy to analyze, and unlimited depth if needed. Browse our report library .

Organize your IT data

Lansweeper offers many different ways to organize your scanned data into categories that are useful and relevant to you. Without a doubt, the most versatile is the use of reports . Reports collect specific information based on criteria in a convenient overview. By going through your assets one by one, you can get a clear overview in your report results, for example, of all assets that are out of warranty , printers that are running out of toner , or unauthorized administrators on your computers.

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