Better data, better decisions.

Precisely is the architect behind accuracy and data consistency in your collected information. Precisely moves - and helps move - data with integrity, empowering tomorrow's market leaders to make better decisions and ultimately create new opportunities.

With unmatched expertise across data domains, disciplines, and platforms, Precisely delivers high-quality, enriched insights that drive innovation and decision-making at scale.

Simply stated, Precisely provides trust in your data.


Product Management

Torsten Meyer
   +49 40 51 907 712

Alternative Contact (Switchboard)

   +49 89 41 61 48 210

Location Intelligence

Link business and geographical data to support business-critical decisions.

Identify optimal business locations, ensure optimal risk management, and improve new customer acquisition - by developing accurate customer profiles. Improve your services for residents of specific areas by quickly providing information from their neighborhood.

  • Location Analytics
  • GeoEnrichment
  • Geospatial and business data

Customer Information Management

Manage customer data to truly understand your customers and their environment for better business results.

  • Central view of customer data
  • DSGVO - data protection concerns everyone
  • Anti-money laundering (AML)

Customer Engagement

Ensure on-demand customer communications at the right time and across all customer touchpoints.

Strengthen customer loyalty. Increase customer satisfaction. Open up new revenue opportunities. Improve customer service while reducing costs.

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