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One Identity solutions help eliminate the complex and time-consuming processes that were often required to control identity, manage authorized accounts, and monitor and manage access or access. Our solutions can improve the agility of your organization while solving identity and access management (IAM) problems in local, cloud and hybrid environments.

Identity, Authorisation and Priority User management technologies:

  • Safeguard
  • Active Roles
  • One Identity Manager
  • Enterprise Reporter
  • Defender
  • Session Manager
  • Esso for Mobile Device
  • Authentication Manager
  • Password Manager

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Identity Governance

Full, business-driven identity, data and privileged user management.

Achieve full, business-driven control of identity, data and privileged access by providing full transparency and control through administration. Achieve simplicity and affordability through a single control platform that addresses governance, control and compliance needs that are prerequisites for strong control and audit.

Increase your business performance with Identity Governance solutions that improve the following tasks and processes:

  • Access control
  • Data management
  • Privileged user management
  • Business access request and fulfillment
  • Certificate or recertification
  • Role training, planning
  • Automated enterprise management
  • Identity federation and process management

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Access Management

Simpler, secure access management for greater protection and efficiency

Simplify and guarantee secure access for users and groups, while keeping costs under control. One Identity automates account creation, assigns access, streamlines ongoing administration, and unifies identities, passwords, directories and files.

Eliminate manual processes and cumbersome tools to increase security, dramatically improve efficiency, and more easily achieve compliance.

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Managing Privileged Users

Privileged access management solutions that reduce risk and are easy to use.

Most breaches involve access to privileged credentials, as they provide unrestricted access to systems and data, which poses significant security and compliance concerns, attack surface and risk.

One Identity access management solutions ensure the security, control and auditing of privileged accounts by providing appropriate access through automated, policy-based workflows. One Identity solutions cover the full range of privileged access management needs - from monitoring to control. Increase security and more effectively administer, monitor and control privileged accounts, users and access with One Identity.

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Identity as a Service

Improve your security and expand into the cloud with confidence

It increases security and simplifies compliance, while giving your organisation the agility and affordability of cloud IAM. Together with IDaaS, IAM enables digital transformation while reducing cloud risk - from a managed service cloud solution to One Identity Starling SaaS solutions.

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