Complete, business-driven governance for identity, data and privileges


Governance for all your identities, data and privileged access with visibility, reduced risk and increased control on-prem, hybrid or cloud. Gain simplicity and affordability with a unified governance foundation that addresses the management, auditing and compliance needs that are prerequisites to strong governance.

Enhance your business performance with Identity Governance solutions that improve:

  • Access governance
  • Data governance
  • Privileged account governance
  • Business-enabled access request and fulfillment
  • Attestation or recertificationRole engineering
  • Automated enterprise provisioning
  • Identity unification and process orchestration


Enhance security, simplify complexity, streamline processes, extend governance and improve access with Identity Governance solutions. Learn more about how we can optimize your business.


Enterprise provisioning

Automated enterprise provisioning of user identities and access rights on-prem, hybrid or cloud. Overcome the typical security and complexity limitations of traditional identity and access management frameworks and integrate target systems with ease.

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Access certification

Streamline the identity governance process of managing user identities, privileges and security across the enterprise, including application access, unstructured data and privileged accounts. Achieve all this by placing user management and access control into the hands of authorized business users.

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Data governance

Control, govern and grant access to one of your organization's most valuable assets - its data. Make it easier than ever by giving access control of sensitive data to business owners rather than IT. You'll be able to ensure security and reduce the burden on your IT staff.

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