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The Tetra4D brand evolved out of a collaboration between independent software developers and Tech Soft 3D, the exclusive Adobe partner responsible for delivering 3D technologies to Adobe OEM developers. The Tetra4D brand is now wholly owned by Tech Soft 3D, and Tetra4D products are offered alongside the company’s complementary HOOPS product lines.


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Tetra4D Automate

Tetra4D Automate is a simple server solution to automatically generating data rich, interactive 3D PDF documents from PDM/PLM systems or internal storage networks.

Why this is important:
Organizations that create a high-volume of CAD models require a seamless and efficient solution to address the communication and collaboration challenges of manufacturing industries.

Tetra4D Automate scales 3D PDF usage by delivering documents that support key use cases with less IT effort or the need for a costly and complex enterprise-level solution.

  • Integrate with PDM/PLM, ERP or simply implement in a “watch-folder” mode
  • Supports over 20 CAD formats with full support of assembly structure, PMI, views and CAD attributes
  • Aggregate all required information in one document including CAD model, bill of materials & meta-data
  • Generates fit-to-purpose documents for various use cases thanks to highly customizable Tetra4 Enrich templates
  • Supports key features like security management, file attachment and conversion of CAD files to standard formats

Tetra4D Enrich

Tetra4D Enrich is the only solution that allows anyone to create data rich, interactive 3D PDFs inside of Adobe® Acrobat® Pro without needing programming expertise.

Sharing 3D CAD models and product data with anyone in the extended enterprise, including non-CAD users, is a challenge for manufacturing industries. Depending on the usage, the required product information must be fit-to-purpose to enable efficient access and consumption. Tetra4D Enrich is a plug-in to Adobe Acrobat Pro that lets you connect and share critical CAD data with interactive, custom, reusable, 3D PDF templates.

  • Connect your native 3D CAD model with other critical data managed by PLM/ERP such as bill of material (BOM), meta-data
  • Define widgets and interactions between the 3D scene and the non-geometric data
  • Securely allow downstream users to access the product data they need
  • Build custom 3D PDF templates designed to fit any workflow

Tetra 4D Reviewer

Tetra4D Reviewer is a high performance native CAD viewer and mockup tool that allows you to easily interact with components and assemblies from over 20 major CAD formats.

There are multiple cases within manufacturing companies where accessing native CAD files, including precise geometry, is critical for people to execute tasks such as design review, product validation and assembly preparation.

Thanks to Tetra4D Reviewer, any user—even those without a CAD license or training—can measure precise geometry, merge, compare and modify CAD data, edit materials, textures, lighting, etc. Once review or modifications have been made, users can export to a neutral CAD format such as STEP or Parasolid, and the universally accessible 3D PDF.

  • x64bit application for large model processing
  • Access to assembly structure, native CAD views, PMIs, meta-data
  • Execute design review operations based on exact geometry
  • Accurately measure parts and assemblies, including minimum distances between components
  • View and calculate cross-sections
  • Calculate bounding box with dimensions
  • Calculate physical properties (volume, mass and center of gravity) of parts and assemblies
  • Analyze draft angles
  • Compare 2 versions of a part
  • Combine heterogeneous CAD data in the same document
  • Modify materials, textures, colors and lighting
  • Move parts and save as a new CAD view
  • Create exploded views
  • Create technical Illustrations (high resolution raster screenshots and vectorized screenshots)
  • Export CAD files to neutral and standard formats (3D PDF, STEP, JT, 3MF, Parasolid…)

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