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Runecast's industry-first agentless vSphere guest OS scans & DORA compliance


We're excited to share that the latest Runecast 6.8 introduces two major milestones for the users!

In an era where the complexity of IT environments demands seamless and efficient solutions, Runecast emerges as a pioneer with its groundbreaking agentless vSphere guest OS scans. This industry-first innovation marks a significant leap forward in operational efficiency for organizations relying on Windows and Linux operating systems within their VMware infrastructure.

Runecast 6.8 - released on November 7, 2023

 Agentless OS Scanning for vSphere, Early Access

Introducing an industry-first agentless scanning for Windows and Linux hosted on vSphere. Get a comprehensive analysis of guest OS without the increased overhead for agent deployment and maintenance. Agentless scanning is in early access, detecting a thousand vulnerabilities and increasing with each knowledge definition update. You can still contribute with your feedback to shape this functionality and get the most out of it!

 Extended DORA and HPE CVEs Coverage

The DORA Security Profile has been extended to include Windows and Linux Operating Systems. HPE CVEs affecting hardware and firmware now cover vulnerabilities identified since 2021.

 Improvements to Capacity Management

Trend and forecast chart can now be zoomed in to make specific results easier to read. Resource utilization and allocation charts are optimized to display many clusters, improving performance during initial load and workload simulation.

 Analysis Summary Report Available in API

Get the latest HTML analysis report for a selected system via public API. The report contains information about configuration issues and drifts detected in the last analysis. You will get a detailed system overview without a need for scripting.

 Support of VMware Cloud Director 10.5

Analysis results and Configuration Vault data are now available for version 10.5 of VMware Cloud Director


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