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Empowering seamless IT integration post-merger with Hybrid Cloud Observability - case study

In a dynamic landscape where mergers can pose significant IT challenges, Prosperon Networks, an Elite Partner based in the United Kingdom, leveraged SolarWinds® Hybrid Cloud Observability to facilitate the consolidation of IT services for a global law firm undergoing a merger. Mark Roberts, Co-owner and Technical Director at Prosperon Networks, highlights the solution's flexibility and efficiency, allowing the client to seamlessly merge diverse IT solutions, optimize performance, and achieve cost savings.

About Prosperon Networks
Prosperon Networks, a SolarWinds authorized partner since 2006, achieved Elite Partner status in 2021. Specializing in maximizing SolarWinds investments, the company provides a range of value-added services, including deployment, integration, customization, training, and technical support.

When Prosperon Networks' client, a global law firm, faced the challenge of merging multiple IT solutions post-merger, including SolarWinds solutions, they sought Prosperon's expertise. Mark Roberts emphasizes ongoing support, health checks, and strategic guidance provided to ensure maximum benefit from SolarWinds solutions.

To address the merger complexities, the client upgraded their SolarWinds tech stack to SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability, unifying visibility and standardizing monitoring across the merged businesses. With a global scope, the consolidated IT service enhances efficiency and resilience. Prosperon Networks is leading the phased rollout, supporting the integration of IT networks and ensuring full-stack observability over the 12-18 month timeline.

Beyond integrated oversight and global scalability, the Hybrid Cloud Observability solution offers enhanced flexibility and cost savings. Mark Roberts emphasizes the framework's efficiency, enabling proactive issue resolution and intelligent decision-making for digital transformation.

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