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Close the security gap between privileged access and standard user identities


The access control of privileged accounts has long been fulfilled by Privileged Access Management (PAM) technologies. However, traditional PAM technologies are often standalone solutions that are not integrated with Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) technologies, thus significantly hampering control, visibility and governance of users and access to privileged resources.

The term ‘privileged access’ – often interchangeable with ‘privileged account’ – is a hot topic lately. It seems that nearly every day there is news of another data breach that is eventually tied to misuse or poorly protected privileged account credentials. Misuse of privileged access makes it relatively easy for bad actors to gain access or steal sensitive data. Unfortunately, it often takes months, or even years, to detect and then investigate these incidents. By then, the thief and data are long gone.

So, how do you determine which accounts are privileged and how do you track which individuals in your company have access to those privileged accounts?

Gain Visibility with Privileged Access Governance

There’s no reason you shouldn’t get a complete view of all your identities and rights, from standard-user to privileged users. One Identity’s Privileged Access Governance (PAG) module bridges the security and management gap. This module is part of the One Identity Manager offering, which provides IGA.

Organizations that still operate PAM and IGA technologies as separate silos are locked out from performing a number of critical functions that impact their security stance, including:

  • Applying identity provisioning to privileged accounts
  • Enforcing cohesive access policies across target systems and platforms
  • Benefitting from modern governance practices

When these systems are run independently, you are unable to get a 360-degree view of all identities and their associated user accounts, entitlements and activity.

Using One Identity Manager for Privileged Access Governance

Identity Manager provides user account provisioning and access governance. The integration brings management of IGA and PAM technologies together to ensure all users of privileged accounts gain and maintain the appropriate level of access.

The benefits of integrating these two solutions include:

  • A central repository to manage all accounts (privileged and non-privileged)
  • Unified identity lifecycle management and provisioning processes that eliminate administration silos
  • Simplified compliance and governance with centralized policy and administration
  • Consistent access governance processes that eliminate redundant tasks and enforce separation of duties (SoD) policies

One Identity Manager with the Privilege Access Governance module enables customers to integrate existing PAM technologies into Identity Manager. With this integration, you can access governance benefits of an IGA system for your PAM infrastructure.

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