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Data is growing at an exponential rate and is increasingly scattered. On the other hand, cybercrimes are surging and continue to be the biggest threat to businesses.
Protecting this sheer volume of data which now lives in more places can be cumbersome.

To help you neutralize ransomware and eliminate data loss and downtime, we are offering FREE Premium DRaaS for a limited time!

Unitrends DRaaS helps you secure, protect and recover your entire environment while reducing management time and costs.

What’s more? If you act now, you can get it all for FREE!

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Unitrends DRaaS helps you:

•    Cut management time by up to 50%
•    Reduce costs by 33%
•    Detect ransomware
•    Automate DR testing
•    Recover instantly


Detect and Mitigate Ransomware with Unitrends Unified BCDR [Product Brief]

Did you know that an organization falls victim to ransomware approximately every 11 seconds?

Traditional security solutions, such as antivirus and antimalware alone, aren’t sufficient to fend off today's complex ransomware.

To help you successfully combat ransomware attacks and enable 100% proof and confidence in your recoveries, we have identified five pillars of defense.

Get your FREE copy of the product brief that expands upon these five pillars and details how Unitrends helps you detect, respond to and recover from a ransomware or malware attack:

•    Secure
•    Protect
•    Test
•    Detect
•    Recover


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