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Going back to school doesn’t have to be stressful! Runecast has prepared an exciting immersive webinar series tailored to empower IT professionals and VMware enthusiasts with the skills, knowledge, and strategies to excel in the VMware space. Get yourself ready for the school start "the Runecast way" and join us for a number of webinars hosted by our experts who will help you navigate the complex world of virtualization, cloud, and emerging technologies.

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SEP 21
VMware Troubleshooting & Configuration Drift Optimization
Acquire tools and strategies to tackle VMware issues and optimize your configurations to prevent outages and downtime.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Security and Compliance
Navigate the shift to cloud setups, ensuring robust security and compliance measures are in place.

OCT 19
Emerging Technologies in the VMware Ecosystem
Stay updated with the latest VMware innovations, from Kubernetes to cloud-native applications.

VMware Certifications: Your Path to Expertise
Plot your path to VMware certification success, boosting your professional portfolio. Get tips & tricks right from the VCDX.

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